I haven’t been out to a nice dinner without kids for – wait a minute, I haven’t even been out to a not-that-nice dinner without the kids – such a long time that I hardly remembered how to behave. In the elegant surroundings of 12-micron, I twitched and fidgeted and tried to act tres cool – a dead giveaway that I was disproportionately excited to be dressed up, child-free, and enjoying the most beautiful food I’ve had in a very very long time.

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relaxed me

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that my life as a mother to young creatures feels like a never ending cycle of packing snacks, making lunches, cooking, cooking again, washing clothes, washing sheets, washing toys, washing butts, feeding, more feeding, cleaning hands, cleaning mouths, cleaning faces, cleaning entire bodies, playing, chasing, walking outside, walking in the house, walking to go get something for the millionth time today, building lego, destroying lego, building lego, bathing, scrubbing, drying them, drying myself, drying the entire bathroom. I crash at night realising I haven’t had a moment to even breathe and then I take half a breath before passing out, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Not that I’m complaining. I love being a mum. Every once in a while though, I just need to get away from it all. I think we all do.

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crispy pork burger with asian slaw

crispy pork belly burger with Asian slaw

When I like something, I get a liiiiiittle bit obsessive about it. I mean, if you know me, you know all about me and matcha. It’s a miracle I’m not actually green. In more recent years, there’s been West Juliett’s chicken salad and of course, now there’s Flour Drum, whose food I splash across Instagram so frequently that I’ve been asked – on more than one occasion – whether they’re actually paying me.

Errr no, they’re not.

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Jack's cheeseburger

I haven’t blogged about eating out in a really really long time. Partially because I don’t really eat out that often any more, but mainly because: Two Kids. Actually, it’s all because: Two Kids. But y’all know how much I love a good burger, and with Jack’s Newtown around the corner from me, what else am I to do but go eat one and blog about it?

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po piah

po piah (fresh spring rolls with yambean, shredded omelette, tofu, cucumber,
mince, crispy shallots and chilli paste)

Lots of people have blogged about Hawker. I read, I drooled, my eyes fell out of my head. I could not wait to get my face into the apam balik, rojak, po piah and the supposedly amazeballs assam laksa. I mean, I’m Malaysian and all that, but I really love Malaysian food. Despite the fact that I can’t actually cook any of it (oh wait, I did make char kuay teow that one time!) we eat Malaysian at least once a week and really the point is, if there’s a good new place, I wanna know about it.

So with the hype under my belt, we checked out Hawker last weekend… and I was… not blown away.

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Three Williams, Redfern

Remember back in the day when weekends meant brunches out? Yeah, vaguely. And then suddenly there was The Void. Tiredness and morning feeds and early naps meant that for a while there, weekend brunches traipsed off with the unicorns but alas, we’re back. Life, as it seems, does eventually resemble what it used to be (or at least a distant third cousin of what it used to be). Two days in a row now we’ve had breakfast out, and proper trendy breakfasts, mind you, not just the corner shop B&E. Friday’s Copper Mill wasn’t so awesome but yesterday, Three Williams absolutely nailed it.

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