lamb rack and braised shoulder

lamb rack and braised shoulder, spiced carrot puree, baby spinach,
pine nuts, herb crust, asparagus

I’ve never been this delayed in writing a post. It’s been 2.5 months since our Townsville trip and I’d all but forgotten about our dinner out at Seasoned, that is until I was scrolling through my camera roll and it’s like HOLDUPAMINUTE. That. That lamb. Holy heck, that lamb was delicious. And so 2.5 months later, here it is in all its glory.

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Seared calamari with a lemongrass & lime dressing and a green chilli mayonnaise

Who ever said country bumpkins didn’t know how to eat deserves a slap. And now that I’ve called them country bumpkins, I think I’m going to get a slap, but it’s Townsville… so you know what I mean 😉 Every time we go to Townsville to visit my brother and sis-in-law, they take us out to fantasmical (totally a word) places and we are pretty much always impressed with the meals we have. The food is modern, edgy, creative, totally what you would find in a “big city” – but alas, they are also catching up to big city prices.

Not that we always ate fancy, we also had some hotdogs from a cart by the beach. As you do.

Anyhow, this is pretty much a Townsville food porn post (less writing, more drooling), so without further adieu… feast away!

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Dragon roll

When we had dinner out in Townsville over the Easter weekend, I instgrammed a photo of the sake-tini that Panu had and when someone asked where it was from, I said “a Japanese restaurant in a little town.” My sis-in-law jumped all over that in a second claiming that Townsville is in fact a “city”. But then, why call it TOWNsville?

Heh. I digress.

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Yesterday morning was one of the most difficult mornings I’ve ever had to deal with. I mean, I thought that last year’s post-Santorini holiday blues were bad. The endless blue skies and warm weather… but now, add to the endless blue skies and warm weather the most adorable, cuddly, chubby baby ever and you’ll see why I found it so hard to drag myself away and back to the 9-to-5 humdrum of life.

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