I just want to say… how frizzzzackingly good are mangoes? It’s been a great start to the season with all varieties of mangoes coming in sweet and juicy. My all time favourites are Bowen mangoes (from Queensland) but these big, juicy Calypso mangoes ($4 for 2 @ Harris Farms on the weekend) are pretty darn good.

I love summer fruits!

I think I’ve been gone from London too long. It’s 17 degrees today (supposedly) and I am freezing. Maybe it’s the wind chill. Yes, yes, it’s totally the wind chill factor. The upside to this weather is that it is perfect for a big bowl of hot noodle soup, especially my favourite har mee (prawn noodles) from Malay Chinese on Hunter Street.

So. Much. Awesomeness.

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I hang my head in shame. After blogging about tourist-trap Darling Harbour earlier this week, I now have to admit that I also ate at Hard Rock Café over the Christmas break. Not just a restaurant in a touristy location but the fricking big kahuna of all touristy venues. I am ashamed.

But I did have the nachos. With pulled pork. And jalapeños. And it was delicious.

Going on a secret surprise trip this weekend, so see y’all on the other side! x