It’s kind of hard to believe that for a while there, I went off matcha. I remember I’d just bought a box of matcha, adzuki and mochi ice cream and was so excited to get into them and then WHAM. Puke city. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was retching at my favourite things, that brushing my teeth made me sick, that (on a positive note) walking was something that I could just do.

And then time flew, as it so often does.

And then it ran out, as it also often does.

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I’ve been AWOL from my blog for six full weeks. Why the hiatus? Well, on 27 December, Panu and I got married. On 2 February, we celebrated with friends. About three days after that, we made a baby.

Ok, so we didn’t make a baby yet per se, it’s still gestating (urgh, I hate that word) but that was pretty much the beginning of the undoing of Catty the Food Blogger, and the introduction of Catty who basically doesn’t want to eat food, cannot stand smelling food and oh, even photos of food? Yes, even they make her want to throw up.

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