menulog-japan village

It’s Wednesday. Hump day. I’ve been in back to back meetings since lunch time. I have a half hour break at 7.30pm, and then I’m on again until who knows when. I have no time to make dinner, I barely have time to pee (and I so desperately need to!). My stomach starts to grumble and I know this, this is the time to prioritise.

I tell my 6pm meeting that I’ll be five minutes late and… Menulog.

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Update 20 Aug: has chosen a winner out of over 400 submissions! Thank you all for participating and congratulations to Karen. I’ll be in touch!

So, despite the fact that I go on and on and on about instagram, I have to admit that I still whole-heartedly love my camera. My little Canon Powershot s90 is a few years old now, but it still takes the best photos that I have on this blog and blows the socks off the iPhone camera in low light. Even though it’s only a point and shoot, it still takes great photos like these – untouched and unfiltered.

OMG unfiltered! The instagram fairy in me just died a little bit.

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wagyu tartare, soft quail egg, creme fraiche, capers, horseradish, sourdough

I’d imagine that most girls would want to be proposed to in the most romantic of ways. Mysteriously whisked away, a hundred deep red roses, somewhere under the dark Moroccan sky (I don’t know, I thought Morocco was romantic, didn’t you?). Or ok, maybe not quite so lavish. Perhaps a hint of something sparkly, at the bottom of your champagne glass?

I don’t know.

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    Update 4 February: and our winner is… Greedy Diva!
    Congrats girlfriend! Send me your delivery address and a luscious box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates will be on their way to you!

Valentine’s day, a Hallmark day to rival any other. Or rather, to stampede on all others. I was once told that florists make more money on Valentine’s day, just this one day, than on every other day of the year combined. I mean, is that just insane? For a completely made up day?

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