E-to-the-effin’-G-Y-P-T people! It’s been 10 days since I’ve been back from chillaxing on the shores of the glorious Red Sea, and I’m still in complete awe of myself that I actually managed to win this ridiculously cool vacation! I know I know I need to snap myself out of it and shift my laser focus to the big fat main prize and to kick start that focus (and appease the Twitterati who’ve been hounding me for my post on Egypt), herewith lies my little itty bitty review of Reef Oasis Beach Resort, a 5-star all inclusive resort on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh.

(and holy crap, I shit you not, I just typed Beef Resort. Hello, my name is Catty and I am a food blogger.)

and ps. in case you didn’t realise, this review is part of Qype’s Word On The Beach competition so please…

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canon IXUS 870 IS

I’d like to think that I’m an utterly loyal person. I really would. If I love you, I love you and as all of my close friends know, I’d go to the end of the earth for you. Be it that I might bitch and moan the whole way there, I’d still go there, and there is no disputing that.

And with my friends, there are no trade-ins. Yes, I meet new people, and yes I make new friends, and I am a true believer that your life is enriched by those around you, and to live in solitude is no way to live at all, well, unless you’re surrounded by an endless supply of KyoChon fried chicken and in that case, who needs friends?

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photography lesson at Scandi Kitchen; mini prawn & egg "smorrebrod" (open sandwich); the hot dawg

If there is one thing a food blogger wants, it’s to take good photos. Oh I’m sorry, they want food, but right after food, it’s the good photos. This is because the majority of readers out there scan posts for the glorious food pØrn and maybe, just maybe they might read a paragraph or two, but really, our hopes are pinned on the photos because if you write as much crap as I do, no one reads the post.

Except my mum. Hi! 

Having said that, there was some discussion in twitterverse about people who actually read blogs? I mean, isn’t that like saying you buy Playboy for the articles? I rest my case.

So in light of wanting to take stunning unadulterated food pØrn photos, I tagged along last week to an informal photo lesson hosted by Helen of a forkful of spaghetti and photographer Chris Windsor to learn a thing or two.

Or really, I went because the event was at Scandinavian Kitchen, one of my uber most favourite places in London.

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