… So I’ve been blogging for oh my god, almost 5 years now. I started on xanga, whose restrictive nature forced me to find refuge elsewhere, and hence I landed on blogger. After four solid years with blogger, I’m feeling the distinct urge to stretch my blogging legs again and get my own domain. My blogger was also starting to feel a little scattered, with no direction, no focus, no theme. And don’t we all need themes? So here I am in thecattylife, powered by wordpress, hoping to find my new home for the foreseeable future.

What I pledge of thecattylife is a blog choc full of stories about my most favourite thing in the world – food – and no doubt I’ll sneak in some stories about me as well. I’m constantly eating, thinking about eating or talking about eating, so much so that my food-trodden friends have suggested that I do a career one-eighty and become a food critic.

Hah! As if that would be possible, how can I possibly criticise food?