Sofi 3 months

My peanut is three months old today! Can you believe it? I don’t believe it and I’m also completely amazed that I’ve now squeezed in not one but two blog posts in three months. Remember with Sam? When I could hardly muster the energy to write a post after six whole months? Yeah, that. Things are just so different with Sofi, and I’m glad that the universe noticed that I had such a very very difficult baby the first time round and blessed me with a lovely, peaceful little one this time.

Thank you, universe.

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Sam 2 years

This kid. He’s two years old today and he LIGHTS UP MY LIFE. And I’m not saying it in that ‘having kids is so much fun’ kind of way, because trust me, I’m the first person to be sceptical when I hear anyone say that having kids is awesome fun because (a) it’s not and (b) you’re lying and (c) if you’re not lying then shut up, I hate you. But honestly, Sam at two is just a complete pleasure. 95% of the time.

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My little peanut is one month old today. I can hardly believe it’s already been a month since life actually imitated art the movies and my waters broke while we were out at dinner. For all of you playing out there, basically, this is not the cool thing to do. It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable and it’s really really distracting when you’re still trying to make sure your toddler eats all his dinner before you go have a baby.

But yes, one month ago plus 13 hours or so in labour, my gorgeous baby girl, Sofia, joined us in this world.

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banana muffins

I’ve been blogging now for six years here at thecattylife. Prior to this, I was on blogspot, and even dabbled in Xanga in the early 00’s. Wow, that makes me feel old. I’ve always blogged for myself – I say this truthfully, I don’t really write with an audience in mind, I don’t think about SEO here and I certainly don’t propogate my posts through all my social channels. Oh wait, maybe Facebook. And Instagram, but only if there’s a really good photo to go with it.

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Update 5 Aug: And look who arrived on 2 August? Little Miss Sofia. Both my kids just couldn’t wait to get out of me!

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today. 37 weeks “gestation”, a term that I’m still not used to. I’m sitting in my obstetrician’s office as I type this, a weekly occurrence now between 36 weeks and when-life-goes-cray-cray.

37 weeks may not be all that interesting to anyone else, but it’s significant to me. Because Sam decided to come right on 37 weeks on the dot.

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lemon olive oil cake

A couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law loaded us up with lemons from her tree before she headed off on an overseas sojourn. I’m not really a lemon-buyer in general, I just don’t know what to do with them, but when I become a lemon-receiver, I (a) share the lemon love with friends and (b) pretty much forget about the ones I’m left with.

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