After slogging away in the corporate world for over 15 years (yes, I’m that old), life handed me an opportunity recently and without so much of a glance backwards (because bye late night conference calls!) I’m heading for a change of pace, a slower gear, more time to eat and stuff be a mum.

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Yesterday Sam turned three years old. I’ve been thinking all week about writing this post. Usually I have lots to say when my kids turn a year older, because something significant has happened, or they’ve just turned into the devil’s spawn. Or something. But I have nothing, and I don’t think it’s because Sam in un-interesting. He’s just been same ol’ same ol’. So like, I have nothing new to bitch about.

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crispy pork burger with asian slaw

crispy pork belly burger with Asian slaw

When I like something, I get a liiiiiittle bit obsessive about it. I mean, if you know me, you know all about me and matcha. It’s a miracle I’m not actually green. In more recent years, there’s been West Juliett’s chicken salad and of course, now there’s Flour Drum, whose food I splash across Instagram so frequently that I’ve been asked – on more than one occasion – whether they’re actually paying me.

Errr no, they’re not.

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Sofi 6 months

Guess who’s nine months old today? ARGHHHHHH. Impossible! I was meant to start back at work today. I’d only intended to take nine months off but I’ve extended it one more month because you guys… look at her face! How can I not want to spend every day (albeit unpaid, I’m broke, I eat plain Cruskits for lunch kind of days) of my life with her? I posted on Instagram a little while ago about how much I’m enjoying my days with her. Well, let me just soak her up for another month before real life (yuck, real life) begins again.

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A couple of weeks ago, this critter turned 2.5. What a ride it’s been – highs, lows, low lows, medium highs, super lows. I’ve had enough experience now to confidently say that every low does pass, and what comes after is usually a spectacularly bright silver lining.

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