The Monk

I love Rising Sun Workshop, that’s pretty much all I need to say about this. Their philosophy, their space, their people, their food. Gah, it’s the coolest little loved up community I’ve come across in a while. Kicked off as a crowd-funded communal workspace for motorbike enthusiasts, the RSW team still have their feet firming planted atop two wheels while serving up delicious ramen and great coffee.

As director and chef, Nick “the Word” Smith said, “we wanted to combine the three things we love – motorbikes, ramen and coffee.” And why the hell not?

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rocky road

I don’t really make ‘the best’ anything. I make lots of stuff, and mostly it’s good… I think. But the best? Never. Despite being raised by a tiger dad, dare I say I don’t aim for stratospheric awesomeness. I just aim for what makes me happy, and as result I’m not really the best at anything and hence, don’t make the best of anything.

But then. Rocky road.

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Sam at 9 months

Sometimes I think that motherhood is the epitome of irony. Firstly, you give birth – hands down the most tiring thing you ever have to physically do – and when you most need the rest, you never ever get any rest ever again. After that, there are lots of little ironies like wanting them to sleep when they won’t and wanting them to wake when they won’t. And poos when you’re running late. Always.

And now, just when I’m honestly starting to really truly enjoy being a mum and want to spend every day with Sam, I have to go back to work.

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white choc macadamia cookies

It’s winter. It’s cold. I’m cold. I looked at my wardrobe the other day and felt utterly uninspired by everything I saw (and trust me, there was lots to see, this is my first world problem). What on earth did I wear last winter? Do you ever get that? At the start of every season I’m baffled as to what I wore last season.

And then I remembered all I wore last winter was stretchy stuff. And that reminded me also that at one point last winter, all I could bear to eat was cookies.

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miso tonkatsu special

I know I know, I’ve blogged about ramen twice in a row. Have I gone on a ramen bend? Have I let my noodle addiction out of the bag? Have I ditched my matcha obsession for ramen? Certainly not, and you’ll see if you scroll to the end of this post that my matcha obsession is well and truly still alive.

Last ramen post was about a pretty decent and affordable ramen. This one? This is ramen royalty, Ippudo.

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ramen at Wagaya

Wow. It’s been a long time between posts. So long in fact that I had to work my brain hard to remember my website login. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without a post. But these days, finding the time to blog has fallen down the priority ladder, right down next to having a nap and definitely behind leisurely using the toilet. Ah yes, priorities have changed.

But I had to post about this little gem because awesomeness like this is too good not to share.

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