He’s so cute, he’s so cute, he’s so cute, he’s SO CUTE. This is the mantra I have to repeat over and over to myself when it’s 5am and we’ve been up playing for a good five hours and somebody just doesn’t want to go back to sleep. That’s right, we’ve been bitten by the bug, the nasty 18 month sleep regression bug. Before I go on, I should warn you that this post is likely to contain language that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, or easily offended by my potty mouth. Proceed with caution!

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18 months

Today, Sam is 18 months old. In 18 months, the tiny helpless screaming little blob that was thrust onto my chest and deep into my life has not only quadrupled in size, he’s evolved to become a little human being. Our days are now pretty routine, and I feel like I have less to say than when he was 6 months, 9 months and even 12 months old.

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po piah

po piah (fresh spring rolls with yambean, shredded omelette, tofu, cucumber,
mince, crispy shallots and chilli paste)

Lots of people have blogged about Hawker. I read, I drooled, my eyes fell out of my head. I could not wait to get my face into the apam balik, rojak, po piah and the supposedly amazeballs assam laksa. I mean, I’m Malaysian and all that, but I really love Malaysian food. Despite the fact that I can’t actually cook any of it (oh wait, I did make char kuay teow that one time!) we eat Malaysian at least once a week and really the point is, if there’s a good new place, I wanna know about it.

So with the hype under my belt, we checked out Hawker last weekend… and I was… not blown away.

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coconut pancakes with passionfruit and poached pear

I usually default to Urbanspoon to find good eats when we travel. It’s quick, it’s easy, it gives you ratings and opening hours. It’s honest feedback from patrons and bloggers and there’s loads of photos. But we didn’t go to Cafe Le Monde based on their Urbanspoon page. We wouldn’t have gone there, given the appalling feedback, but I’m glad I didn’t check because you know what? We loved it. Not sure what went wrong for everyone else (or maybe it’s what went right for us?) but it became our local for three days of breakfasts, some lunches and even a couple of early dinners. And every single meal, including the service, was impeccable.

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I can hardly believe it’s Christmas again! We spend all year longing for December, for the break, the festivities. Those of us in the southern hemisphere for the beach frenzy, our northern counterparts for the winter solstice so your days start getting longer once again. We all look forward to something at Christmas time, maybe not all the same thing. But one thing we do all have in common is the anticipation of eating, of wearing our Christmas coloured stretchy everything, and the left overs which will feed us for days to come.

Ah Christmas, it’s a great time of the year, isn’t it?

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lamb rack and braised shoulder

lamb rack and braised shoulder, spiced carrot puree, baby spinach,
pine nuts, herb crust, asparagus

I’ve never been this delayed in writing a post. It’s been 2.5 months since our Townsville trip and I’d all but forgotten about our dinner out at Seasoned, that is until I was scrolling through my camera roll and it’s like HOLDUPAMINUTE. That. That lamb. Holy heck, that lamb was delicious. And so 2.5 months later, here it is in all its glory.

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