6months collage

Originally, I’d planned to blog about motherhood on a monthly basis: the first month, second month and so on. But who am I kidding? Finding time to blog properly is but a pipe dream, let alone thinking and writing about something profoundly meaningful and life altering. But it’s been six months and every single day I’m confronted with thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative) that compel me to put “pen to paper”, so here I am.

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nasi lemak with beef rendang

The flourish of Malaysian restaurants in Sydney over the past few years has been fantastic for those of us who can eat Malaysian every day and never get sick of it. My favourites around town include Petaling Street, Mamak, Malacca Straits and Alice’s Makan. I also recently blogged about PappaRich, which I’m still undecided on. Well, here’s another goodie: Sedap, at Eastgardens and Chatswood Westfield (and more locations around Sydney CBD).

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sticky date muffins

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mags came over and cooked dinner for Panu and I. She made Cambodian pancakes, which were delicious and I am insanely grateful that anyone would want to come and cook me dinner. But the dinner conversation kind of put me to sleep.

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pulled pork salad

You know a restaurant has really hit the jackpot when there’s a dish you always order and it never disappoints. When you recommend it to your friends, they end up always ordering it, and it never disappoints them either. In fact, you order it so much that even though you abso-fricking-lutely LOVE this dish, you haven’t blogged about the restaurant because you’re waiting to try other things so you can talk about more than one dish in your post.

Eventually you kind of give up and just blog the one dish. And here it is, West Juliett’s 12 hour pulled pork salad with fennel, sharp cabbage, apple, kohl rabi and parmesan.

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fudgey walnut brownies

No one ever tells you this but one of the biggest sacrifices you make when you have a baby is not sleep. It’s not your social life. It’s not even a good hot shower. It’s baking. Yes, baking.

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Feb 14

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you spent it with all your loves, the big ones, the little ones and the furry ones. Me? Panu had the day off work (for an unrelated reason) but we had lunch together – burgers, milkshakes and a sleeping baby in the pram. Couldn’t ask for more than that!

Hope you all had a good one too x