zucchini fries

Two weeks ago, I sat in a taxi and bawled my eyes out as it hurtled me towards the airport. The poor taxi driver. He didn’t know what to do with this highly upset, possibly volatile female in his back seat. He kept quiet and drove me further and further away from my baby.

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noodle soups

Sydney, what the heck? Last week, we were boasting weather in the mid-20’s, kicking off our boots and quickly lashing on some polish on our hibernating toes so we could confidently flop around in our Havaianas. And this week? A measly 14 degrees celcius to call our own. Wet. Cold. Noodle. Soup. Need. Now.

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menulog-japan village

It’s Wednesday. Hump day. I’ve been in back to back meetings since lunch time. I have a half hour break at 7.30pm, and then I’m on again until who knows when. I have no time to make dinner, I barely have time to pee (and I so desperately need to!). My stomach starts to grumble and I know this, this is the time to prioritise.

I tell my 6pm meeting that I’ll be five minutes late and… Menulog.

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savoury muffins

So. I’m officially well into my second week of work. How am I feeling? Lots of people have asked, mostly hesitantly because they just don’t know how I’m going to react. Considering my previous post on motherhood, there’s a real possibility that I might break down hysterically over the demise of my maternity leave.

So how am I, really?

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Uncle Toby's oats

For the past (almost) ten months, I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been my entire life. Ok, except that one time when I was onsite on a project for two weeks and we literally slept two hours a night, and when we did sleep we slept with a walkie talkie because we were on call, all the time (which, now that I think of it, sounds just like having a baby). But at least while we were on  that project, all our meals were made for us, so I only had to worry about work and when I did eat, I could eat in peace. So really, these past ten months have been the busiest of my entire life.

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The Monk

I love Rising Sun Workshop, that’s pretty much all I need to say about this. Their philosophy, their space, their people, their food. Gah, it’s the coolest little loved up community I’ve come across in a while. Kicked off as a crowd-funded communal workspace for motorbike enthusiasts, the RSW team still have their feet firming planted atop two wheels while serving up delicious ramen and great coffee.

As director and chef, Nick “the Word” Smith said, “we wanted to combine the three things we love – motorbikes, ramen and coffee.” And why the hell not?

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