I first discovered this miniscule parcel of joy at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney, and marvelled over this half-biscuit half-cake creation with a delicate shell and soft, sweet centre.  I’d never seen one in my twenty-something years alive, and little did I realise the impact it would have on my life and the repeated trips I would take to Ladurée, Burlington Arcade, London, in search for the taste of one, just one, pistachio macaroon.

During a trip to Paris in May 2008, with my macaroon memories shelved but not forgotten, I sought out Ladurée, and there I rediscovered these heavenly delights. I macaroon hopped between Ladurée and Fauchon, inhaling at least two dozen over two days. The foundations were built, and macaroons and I have had a strong and healthy relationship since. 

In London, I mainly macaroon-hunt at Ladurée, Burlington Arcade, however these lovelies can also be found on steroids at Paul, but I prefer them little. On a very important side note, Paul has just released what I think is their most delicious concoction yet – the Pistachio Macaroon Frappe! If for whatever god forsaken reason I can’t eat, just hook my IV up to the frappe. Life will still be sweet!

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