choc chip cookies

I think it goes without saying that the power of uncooked cookie dough is vastly under-rated in the world of consumer behaviour. How its floury, grainy, brown sugary texture feels pressed hard up against my mouth.. {shudder} I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Add to that a complete over estimation of chocolate chips and the cookie dough truly becomes a source to be reckoned with.

I remember once upon a long time ago, when I was visiting my brother in Townsville, Australia. It was a typical stinker of a North Queensland day and all I wanted, honestly, was to marry the god of Cold Rock Ice Creamery and live forever in a pool of macadamia nut ice cream, doused in streaks of caramel sauce. But instead, I ordered “vanilla please, with cookie dough mashed in”.

“Um, we’re all outta cookie dough today.”

Wha-?! Pardon me I think I heard wrong. What?!

“Um, we don’t have any more cookie dough.”

Oh. Oooooh.

You’d think I’d just accept this fact in all my gracefulness and order something also rather delicious instead, but gracefulness? Nah-uh I don’t got any of that. What I do have however, is grade-A stubbornness and the inept ability to act like a princess around my brother, because well, he’s obliged to love me forever and ever. I think.

So if my memory serves me correctly (and I have the memory of an elephant), I threw some sort of a mini tantrum but ofcourse I ordered some other flavour anyway (which is so forgettable that my elephant memory has relegated it to flushable and then flushed). However, hence forth since that day, we have not been back to that same Cold Rock. Boo-yah.

Consumer Behaviour 101: Beware the wrath of the catty.


This post almost turned out to be all about giant choc chips and cookie dough because there  was a very real moment when I almost didn’t put the cookie dough in the oven, to help them grow up and become real cookies.

I’d licked the spoon clean but ached for more goodness and seeing as there was no one to witness the abomination, I actually scooped a spoonful of cookie dough from the bowl and ate it. It was damn good.

with giant chocolate chips

But alas, perfectionism got the better of me. I had set out to bake cookies, hadn’t I? And to leave that task incomplete would have been a big red fail on my Project Manager Action Items List. Maybe next time, and yes there will be a next time, my goal will be to make cookie dough. Period.

Brilliance. Utter brilliance.

It was actually really fun baking these cookies because honestly, this recipe (courtesy of my boss, because aside from work, we also talk about food and shoes) is the easiest choc chip cookie recipe ever, and the only one you’ll ever need.

It’s really just three steps:

  1. Mix the wet ingredients
  2. Mix the dry ingredients
  3. Bake (although I totally almost missed this step)

Presto. And yes, I used giant choc chips.

chocolate chip cookies
125 grams unsalted butter at room temperature
185 grams brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essense
1 x egg
1 Tablespoon milk
215 grams plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
250 grams chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C/355°F.
  2. Mix the butter and sugar together with the vanilla and egg.
  3. Stir in the milk.
  4. Add flour and baking powder.
  5. Continue stirring with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients are well mixed.
  6. Add chocolate chips and again, continue to stir until all ingredients are well mixed.
  7. Line a baking pan with grease proof paper.
  8. Scoop spoonfuls of the dough mixture into your hand and roll into a ball.
  9. Place on baking pan and squash the ball with your palm or the back of a table spoon. Ensure each ball is at least 5cm apart as the cookies will expand when they cook.
  10. Bake in pre-heated oven for 15 minutes or until cookies are slightly brown.
  11. Let cool before storing in air tight container.
Makes 20 cookies.

11 Thoughts on “dough a deer, a brilliant idea: the only choc chip cookie recipe you’ll ever need

  1. Your descriptions of the ecstasies of cookie dough are almost enough to overcome my hesitation to try it. I’ve never experienced the Big Dough before. 😉

    But hypochondria is a tough cookie to snap – I’m convinced I will be that single person who contracts salmonella due to the raw egg. Still, I’ve heard that giant chocolate chips have antibiotic powers . . .

  2. oh my GOD. I didn’t even think of that! Raw egg! But having said that, I have raw eggs in korean Yook Hwei, and don’t people have like raw egg milkshake things to be “healthy”? See missy, it’s actually HEALTHY for you to have raw cookie dough 😉

  3. What a delightful post! You have a way with words, my dear. Quite entertaining.

    I’ll be giving this recipe a try at some point (along with the other 100 recipes on my list!)

    I’ve never gotten sick from raw egg either, but you never know. It could happen. Frankly, I don’t care. I’d rather eat cookie dough.

  4. National Cookie Network: thanks Mr Cookie Network 🙂 and I agree whole heartedly, I’d take that risk again. and again. to the power of infinity 🙂

  5. i have to just say that cold rock is just about the best thing to eat in hervey bay. i guess it may be kinda like townsville in that sense!

    anyhow – new favourite: Cake flavoured icecream with cookie dough. HELLO!!!

  6. melc: oh Cold Rock is definitely the best thing that’s hit Townsville. Except my brother of course. Cake with cookie dough?!? OMG HEL-LO!

  7. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to read right now…

  8. ah, i love your writing style. it just cheers me up! your description of the cookie dough tempted me, but, like tangled noodle, im quite afraid of food poisoning and the sorts. I’ll definitely be giving this recipe a try.

  9. booster: hehe glad to be of service 🙂

    wooferxd: thank you! *blush* … I know I should be more afraid of the raw egg but some how I forget. Well, I haven’t been sick yet (fingers crossed)!

  10. Oh wow – they look so cakey. They put mine to shame!

    I was looking for another recipe for this evening (going to visit boyfriends parents up North) and think this would be perfect.

    So off I go this evening to make chocolate chip cookies and a Food For Think special lemon drizzle. x

  11. Hey there, I was reading your post and I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such great content. There’s so much junk on the internet these days its hard to find anything worthwhile. I actually have cooked this recipe before, I got this book last month on recommendation from a friend and it turned out very nice! I’m very eager to try your variation of it though, it looks excellent. I think you might enjoy those recipes, they’re very good. Thanks for the article and tips.

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