my 'it's not really a pizza' pizza

It’s been getting colder over here in London-town. The weather teased us with tops in the high teens a few weeks ago, but these days it’s a steady 10 or maybe 12 degrees celcius on a good day, 8 on a bad.

In light of this, I’ve been happily wearing my boots every day for the past fortnight. I love the cosy feel of having thick socks around my ankles, but even for those things I love, I do grow tired (caveat: bf not included).

While it’s been cold, it hadn’t rained (til now), so last Friday I tossed my boots aside (oh who am I kidding, I’m a neat freak, I stuffed boot fillers back into them and placed them neatly back in their allocated spot in my wardrobe), put on my new Nine West flats and headed out for the day.

Being the first day in two weeks I hadn’t worn boots, it rained. It rained and rained and it was seriously like god was saying f*** you, here’s some rain to fill up your flats, hah.

Only god probably wouldn’t swear. But he would laugh at me.

Anyway, Friday night routine usually sees us heading out to find something to eat around Soho. But not last Friday night. Not just because it was raining, but I was also victorious against a mammoth blemish volcano that had been leasing space on my chin for the past two months. My “victory” however, has left me looking like I have a bruise the size of my eyeball on my chin, and being as vain as I am, we were not going anywhere. Period.

not so secret ingredients

So I raided our near empty pantry and seized what supplies we had. We didn’t have much because well, Friday is eat-out and Saturday is grocery shopping… so it was slim pickings. I found:

  • wholemeal pita bread
  • chicken breast slices
  • random salads/vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, yellow capsicum)
  • bottled stuff (pesto, caramelised onions)

And so, here’s my rainy day meal: a pizza… that’s not really a pizza. For one thing, it doesn’t have cheese. But hey, I ain’t going out.


It’s really not a difficult one to make, and turns out, it tastes pretty good! I do wish I had something green though, because green always makes things so much prettier. Some rocket or spinach would have gone down a treat. Or cucumber so I could make curly cucumber garnish.

Oh well.

more pizza!

‘it’s not really a pizza’ pizza
3x portions of wholemeal pita bread
250 grams roast chicken breast, shredded
pesto or tomato paste
caramelised onions
1 x onion, diced
1 x capsicum, diced
mushrooms, sliced
cherry tomatoes, halved
  1. Preheat oven to 170°C/340°F (Gas 2).
  2. Slice open each wholemeal pita bread so that you have 6 oval ‘pizza bases’.
  3. Spread pesto or tomato paste on each base.
  4. Layer each ‘pizza’ with shredded chicken breast, diced onion and capsicum, mushrooms and tomatoes.
  5. Top with caramelised onion if desired.
  6. Bake in oven for 10 minutes or until base is crispy.

* I lacked a lot of things in this recipe. Namely cheese, so if you have this, add it. And I would have liked to have some rocket or spinach leaves on top.

Makes 6 mini pizzas.

4 Thoughts on “rainy days & eating in: introducing my ‘it’s not really a pizza’ pizza

  1. Oh I love pita pizzas, I often make them for a quick at home lunch – even with just sliced toms and cheese on top they are delicious. In fact, I might makes ome now…

    Good to see a perfectly lovely dinner being made out of leftovers (and that rain realy was too bad to go out in!).

  2. Looks like pizza to me! The caramelized onions were a brilliant touch – I must try that. And I don’t think it suffers from lack of cheese (which can be so overrated and overwhelming). It’s a good thing that my sister-in-law has invited us over for pizza this afternoon otherwise my hubs will soon find me rummaging through the cupboards and ‘fridge for the makings of my own ‘it’s not really a pizza’ pizza!

  3. Caroline on November 8, 2009 at 10:40 pm said:

    oh wow that actually sounds really delicious! I love caramelised onion but have never used them on pizza before. Great idea and so simple! thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Urban Foodie: I know, pita pizzas are always my back up plan for lazy nights or rainy nights! This one turned out pretty good, I hadn’t thought of using caramelised onion before *yum*

    Tangled Noodle: LOL, well either way you had your pizza 😉

    Caroline: Not a problem 🙂 caramelised onions should now be the answer to everything!

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