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I’d like to think that I’m an utterly loyal person. I really would. If I love you, I love you and as all of my close friends know, I’d go to the end of the earth for you. Be it that I might bitch and moan the whole way there, I’d still go there, and there is no disputing that.

And with my friends, there are no trade-ins. Yes, I meet new people, and yes I make new friends, and I am a true believer that your life is enriched by those around you, and to live in solitude is no way to live at all, well, unless you’re surrounded by an endless supply of KyoChon fried chicken and in that case, who needs friends?

Sadly, when it comes to technology, I am not loyal at all. I’m not a techno-slurry either, it’s not like I “use” two cameras at once, I mean that’s just kinda gross right? But I do get bored way too easily and I want a new toy way too regularly.

So, here I am putting up for sale my Canon IXUS 870 IS point & shoot, which I bought on 2 November 2008, and is the camera which has taken all of the photos you see on this website up until (and not including, clearly) the photo above.

Being the super-control-slash-neat-freak that I am, the camera still has its box (which doesn’t even have a dent on it), including all cables, manuals, cds, SD cards ~ most of which haven’t even been unwrapped.

The camera itself is also in pristine condition, it is was my baby and I took ridiculously great care of it. It’s never been dropped and lives in a cute little Crumpler case, which also comes with the bundle.

For the specs, you can check out the Canon website, but just a summary, the camera features include:

  • 10.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS in silver or gold
  • 4x wide-angle optical zoom, optical IS
  • DIGIC 4
  • Face Detection Technology
  • Anti-blur Motion Detection Technology
  • i-Contrast
  • 3.0” PureColor LCD II
  • 19 modes
  • Multi Control Dial, My Menu
  • High-quality VGA movies

How awesomeness is all that?

If you checked out the website, you’ll also see that it’s currently retailing for £299. Granted that it’s a year old, but it still has two years of warranty (Canon has a three year warranty period), I think it’s a darn good deal.

So the price? I‘m selling this Canon IXUS 870 IS for £150 plus postage.

That’s not too bad considering this same (also used) model is going on ebay for around £180.

It’s not like I’m trying to sell it even more, but dude, this camera really is awesome. I mean, when it comes to me, it’s really not the photographer who takes the great pics, it’s all camera, all 110%.

Just to prove my point, here are some amazing photos, all taken with this camera (click to enlarge image, and I haven’t touched up these images):


avocado mango and scallop tower

Red velvet cupcakes

egg & prawn open sandwich @ Scandi Kitchen

ice cream mochi balls

That’s that really! Oh and my reason for sale? One year, bored, yawn, whatever. Give me something new to play with, and ah, Santa came early ~ last week I bought myself a new Canon PowerShot S90 which I will love for ever and ever… or… not.

So email me ( or leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll get in touch in order of whoever contacts me first, because wow, don’t all like email me at the one time ok?

Talk soon!

2 Thoughts on “out with the old, in with the new: Canon IXUS 870 IS for sale

  1. Wow………..the photo of the sushi…superb!! Hope you enjoyed FBC!

  2. Great to meet you at FBC Ms Butterfly and thank you, but you know what, it tasted WAY better than it looks 😉

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