So we just got back from our ski trip like two hours ago, but I can’t think about that right now because if I do, I will swell into a bulbous monstrosity and before you even have time to wonder what the hell is happening, I would have water-balloon-exploded into a mess of salty tears.

I don’t want to be home right now, but since I am home, I’ll tell you about the most awesome thing I have ever been gifted.


Sender: a lovely somebody called chotda

Recipient: giddy excited me

The Gift? A big box of all things matcha flavoured. Because we all know how much I love matcha.

Someone once told me not to accept any sweets from strangers. I think it was my mum. But I think she lied, well she didn’t lie, but I think she was trying to keep me from the absolute wondrousness of accepting sweets from strangers because dude, check out this crazyamazing bounty I not just accepted from a stranger, I think I may well have proposed to her/him/it had I received it in person.

I mean, I damn near proposed to the FedEx guy.

So last Tuesday, I received this little box with an international mailing slip attached which very mysteriously only said “snacks”. Snacks? You would not believe how superman fast I opened the package. I mean, who sends me snacks?! I was so excited, I didn’t really care who they were from, or what they were for that matter. There woz snacks.

Upon ripping open the defenceless little brown box, I discovered that heaven, it does come in a box, because behold: matcha flavoured e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Matcha flavoured rice krispies (individually wrapped of course), rich matcha chocolate and check it out: matcha flavoured kit-f**kin-kat. Way. Too. Cool.

I think I inhaled about a dozen rice krispies on the spot. They were scrumptious and airy (airy? less calories?) like a Snap, Crackle & Pop’s Japanese cousin and I brought another bunch to the snow but lucky for me, I did get a big mother of a bag and still have some left. I know, hard to imagine.

I haven’t yet broken into the rich matcha chocolate… it looks far too pristine and it’s not individually wrapped so I’m afraid that once opened, it’ll be gone. Conservation, not usually my number one priority but hey, I’m workin’ on it.

The matcha kitkats are my favourite. I know they look snotty green, I do know this, but imagine this ~ matcha infused wafers, matcha cream, coated in matcha flavoured chocolate. I don’t really think there is a word to describe this.

Rapturous. Ravishing. Godly.

How did this all happen?

Well, my very public declarations of love for all things matcha/green tea lead to numerous conversations in twitterverse. Now, I don’t usually play favourites and all that, I love all my conversations on twitter, but when someone randomly offers to send me matcha treats from Japan, you’d better believe I totally favourited that tweet and then locked it up in a safe deposit box.

Thank you chotda. Lovely chotda, I love you chotda, you’ve wiggled your way into my heart chotda.

Anyone else feeling the urge to send me goodies? I do return the favour 🙂

24 Thoughts on “heaven in a brown box: there is no such thing as too much matcha flavoured anything

  1. Melody Fury on January 17, 2010 at 7:16 pm said:

    I love matcha anything but my fav KitKat must be red bean flavour!

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  3. Melody: are you holding out on me sista? I have never had a red bean kitkat! Gimmeeee! Please? 🙂

  4. I bought ONE pack of matcha kitkat at Narita airport, out of curiosity. I didn’t realize I would love it and now it’s all gone. 8-(

    Do you think if I tweeted pathetically to chotda, I might get a care package like this, too? If either you or Melody get your hands on red bean kitkats, be sure to share!

  5. i love love love love matcha kitcat! and matcha choc squares. and matcha icecream. and matcha creme brulee……

  6. I was excited about the matcha kit kats (not that I’ll ever likely get my hands on any) but then I read the first comment – red bean kit kats.

    Oh man, my life is bleak and empty. Can I mail order those in the UK????

  7. How fab Catty! That matcha kitkat looks very interesting. Again, your writing had me in stitches. You remind me of an LOLCat. Or should that be LOLCatty? I just wanna put ya in my pocket and take you everywhere I go =)

  8. Tangled Noodle: well now you know to purchase a little bit more than one pack, right? Like maybe two or maybe twenty? I’ll let ya know if I get my hands on red bean kitkats 😉

    vix: hehe you sound like me… an obsession with all things matcha…

    Kavey: LOL I’m sure you can! In fact I might look into that myself!

    Mowie: I could totally live in your pocket!! 😀

  9. ooh…I wanna try that green kitkat. yumm yummm

  10. I luv your blog about food!!hehe!!
    the green tea kitkat look yummyyy!!i wish they sell it in london now 🙁

  11. The Cooking Ninja: the green kitkat is just to die for. If you’re ever in Asia, pick up a few dozen boxes for us back here 🙂

    Linda: Hi! Thanks so much! 🙂 I know, the lack of yummy things in London *sigh*

  12. James S. on January 18, 2010 at 2:03 pm said:

    I don’t really get the green tea obsession! My girlfriend also loves it and orders green tea ice cream whenever we can (she’s now seen your green tea ice cream recipe too!)… but, what is the fuss?

  13. Woooooahhh!! Ive never seen macha kitkats before! Who is Chotda??! I want some too!

  14. James: your girlfriend knows where the good stuff is at 😉

    Kang: I know! Matcha kitkats are soooo awesome 😀

  15. Catty – how does one go about buying these? Are they available in the UK ? Can they be imported?

  16. oh bless you.

    i am a MATCHA OTAKU. like serious obsession i’ve got and it works terribly well with my obsession with green as well. it’s my fav colour. so it’s hard when the ingredient i love best coincides with the colour i love best. eeeks.

    jealous about ur box of matcha treats!! i rem trying a matcha kit kat i think but i don’t think it was all green. i think it was a white choc matcha one. so it was all white and green inside? lol

  17. Kang: I don’t know but it’s definitely something we should look into! Or send someone over to Asia to get us some! Wait a minute, aren’t you going to Japan?

    diva: Yes I know what you’re talking about! I had a matcha kitkat before too but it was chocolate and just matcha on the inside, but this one is matcha all over. SO MUCH GOODNESS! 🙂

  18. santos: OoOoo jbox loves me indeed! although.. no matcha kitkat. but matcha tiramisu chocolate?? YUM! 😀

  19. Yinnie on January 20, 2010 at 8:17 pm said:

    do you reckon Japancentre will sell anything like this?

    Dammit, I want a mystery candy giver too. [by that, I don’t mean a paedophile, even if i do look 15]

    yinnie x

  20. Oohhhooo we all love gifts in a box – especially food gifts from food bloggers – and your gift sounds fantastic! But, you know, I don’t think I have ever had matcha anything…

  21. Yinnie: I don’t know – I haven’t checked for matcha kitkats to be honest but I need to do a big JC shop soon and will look out for them 🙂

    Jamie: wow, with all the delicious things you create, you haven’t tried matcha??? I’m surprised! You have to give it a go!! 😀 and um, you can send me anything to taste test 😉

  22. foodbymark: ok. 🙂

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