At £80 a kg, these babies don’t come cheap but they sure are delicious.

Pierre Hermé, now open in the Selfridges Foodhall, London.

Available flavours:

  • strawberry & balsamic vinegar
  • matcha green tea with crispy black sesame nougatine
  • vanilla from Tahiti, Madagascar & Mexico
  • lemon & hazelnut praline
  • rose petals
  • pistachio
  • quince & rose
  • strawberry & wasabi
  • Chuao dark chocolate with blackcurrant berries
  • milk chocolate & passionfruit
  • salted butter caramel cream
  • pure origin Venezuela porcelana dark chocolate

My favourite? Hands down the  salted butter caramel cream. Heavenly.

12 Thoughts on “bite sized catty: Pierre Hermé in London

  1. yum. I visited last week but didn’t buy any. I’m gonna be good for a bit. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so the longer I wait the better it’ll be when I finally chow down on macarons! 😀 lol. xx

  2. OH!! ARRRGH. Don’t they have the white truffle or the black truffle ones?!??!

  3. I bought five of these today. Strawberry & Wasabi disappointing, got crushed to bits in the bag and didn’t taste of wasabi at all. Matcha and the passionfruit ones both divine. Giving my husband the blackcurrant one. It will probably be wasted on him as he “doesn’t like fancy stuff”.

  4. I love that no-one has a bad word to say about these… except the price maybe. PH really is… DIVINE in terms of macarons. Better get myself down and see whether Paris or London make them better. Heard they’re shipped from Paris anyway?

  5. diva: LOL I’m just gonna wait and see how long you hold out for 🙂

    imp: no they don’t! I wonder though if they will alternate flavours, because he has so many more in his repertoire.

    Sarah: oh no! They were incredibly soft, I think that’s what made them special. I could definitely taste the wasabi one. Didn’t get the blackcurrant… and my favourite was hands down the salted caramel. Heavenly.

    Dana: God the price. HIDEOUS! LOL… you should definitely come and do the test 😉 I don’t know for sure but I highly doubt they are shipped as they as seriously incredibly fresh.

  6. Just realised they don’t have my favourite. Might just roll up into bed and cry. Matcha + Chestnut?

  7. LOL aww honey *hugs* haha… well I don’t know, maybe they will alternate flavours??

  8. i’ll admit now, I’ve never had a macaron in my life. *hangs head in shame* But I’ve always been meaning to try some…once i’m not a student. =D

    Do the flavours change every few months?

  9. I know they’re expensive (especially compared to the price in Paris of the price of the Paul’s macarons) but I’d still pay it of he opened up one here! I think the Laduree in Harrods is quite pricey too?

  10. I wanted to get some yesterday but got distracted. Will have to get some soon or the wife will go nuts about it.

  11. Macarons are one of those things I want to dismiss as ‘not worth the price’ etc etc. Sadly, they are. It;s the flavours they come up with – particularly the japanese tinged ones – fantastic. They’re a rare combos that brilliantly balance looks, taste and textures. The one’s in your photo look like a pile of edible gemstones in a raw form… just ready to be polished and cut by a good set of teeth 😉

  12. Yinnie: no kidding, really? Not even Laduree or Paul macarons? You are missing out, girl and you’d better get some soon. and LOL you can totally afford a couple, even if you’re a student!

    Lorraine: Yes they are, but not early as much. I think from Laduree, you get 6 for £8? From Pierre Herme I got 8 for £13! Yikes! But like you said, we go and pay for them anyway 😉

    Wild Boar: do it. Don’t wanna upset the wife now.

    Grubworm: LOVE IT ~ “The one’s in your photo look like a pile of edible gemstones in a raw form… just ready to be polished and cut by a good set of teeth”. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

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