Cassava fries at Canela Carnaby Street, because somehow eating fries that aren’t “potato” always seems so much healthier.

Pão de queijo or Brazilian cheese bread, in plain or chorizo. I liked the plain version for its stupendously smooth texture, although bite sized chorizo bits do make my belly smile.

Coxinha, a cone of mashed chicken with onions and herbs. Tastes better than it looks!

Grilled chicken salad with goat’s cheese and honey glazed red onion. Really, for a chicken salad, this is pretty darn awesome.

Cakes! Sweets! Heaven!

Canela’s range of desserts is pretty astounding for the teeny tiny establishment that it is. The apple & cinnamon tart (which comes in mammoth size or mammoth size) looked divine. I didn’t end up getting any though 🙁

Freshly squeezed lemonade. So packed full of lemony-sourness I was convinced it would grow hairs on my.. um… nothing. But then I realised the sugar had all sank to the bottom.

Killer wine bar and coffee machine. Again, impressive considering the place only sits like what, eight people?

Canela Cafe
1 Newburgh Street
London, W1F 7RB
0207 494 9980

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7 Thoughts on “laziness is: a photo tour of brunch @ Canela

  1. I really like this place too. Away from tourists. I like the little touches, cinnamon stick with coffee and the spiral zest of a whole lemon in the lemon tea. Though it’s not so much tea, more hot lemon water.

    • AH! I’m so glad you mentioned that! Yes, Panu had a cinnamon stick with his coffee which is so cool 🙂 but he drank it before I could take a photo *sigh* hehe x

  2. We went on a Sunday and the kitchen wasn’t active, so all of the food was reheated in a microwave. As a result it was pretty limp, and not even very hot. Not great.

    Shame, because you can tell the food would be good if it were cooked fresh or kept hot.

    A better Pão de Queijo & Coxinha can be found at the stall in the lobby of Guanabara.

    • Oh shame you didn’t like it. I think SOME of the food is reheated for example our coxinha was, but I expected that because it’s displayed on the counter, so they’ve got to heat it up somehow. The cheese breads were served room temp so no issues there and the chicken salad was definitely fresh!

      I’ll have to try Guanabara, have walked past during the day a few times!

  3. Hey Catty–I’ve always liked your photo collage-y things. How do you do that? Can you share your secrets?

  4. This looks like a proper set-you-up-till-dinner kind of brunch (unless everything is a lot smaller than it looks). I am particularly intrigued by the Pão de queijo which look fab. Are they stuffed or flavoured (or both) breads?

  5. Krista: thank you! I use a free online tool called picnik – it’s great 🙂

    The Grubworm: oh I was full all right, I didn’t even have space for dessert 🙁 and the Pão de queijo – the cheese is baked into the bread so it’s like this gorgeous thick texture, really yummy! 😀

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