Ok. I’m sorry, I know I’ve blogged like every single day this week but I can’t help that I love y’all so much and really, blogging is the only therapy I get from having to manage the abundance of crazy thoughts that are happily swizzling through my brain.

Actually, I just want someone to talk to and considering at work I sit between a window and an empty desk, well, you my friends who live in my laptop, tagged – you’re it. I’m talking to you.

And honey, we’re talking Bon Jovi.

It’s been 15 long years since I’d seen my man, Jon Bon Jovi, in action. Back then I was a horny teenager youthful and energetic girl and screamed and yelled and cried and came damn near to throwning my panties on stage. Now? Well now I’m a horny adult mature and contained adult and I screamed and yelled and cried and totally threw a virtual bra on stage.

Yes, clearly I’ve changed a lot.

So last night saw me squish onto the Jubilee Line with hundreds of other Bon Jovi fans (surprisingly many a tough trucker looking bloke – bizarre?) which hurtled us towards the O2 and (almost) into the arms the one and only JBJ. I think I bought these tickets about three millenia ago, or at least it certain feels that way, and have been aching  every day since to have JBJ croon his ballads to me. Wait, what do you mean he’s not singing them to me? Of course he is.

After a dinner at Gaucho, which Panu and I have declared our farewell dinner to Gaucho, because erm, never going there again, we shuffled into the O2 arena and urgh, my seats were like totally shite, JBJ was but a (hot and sexy) speck but you know what? Whatever. I’m in the same room as my love (and Panu was there too) and that was all that mattered.

He played everything from 1984’s Runaway to the new hits from their current album, The Circle. There was the obligatory Dead or Alive, Lay Your Hands On Me, Bad Medicine and beautifully slow Someday I’ll be Saturday Night and when he sang Bed of Roses (to me) I swear to you a piece of my heart broke off and floated across the masses of swaying bodies and smacked right into his sweaty chest.

The 2.5 hour concert felt like 10 minutes and before I knew it, they’d wrapped up, we’d stomped and stomped and demanded a encore, they came back and JBJ broke off another piece of my heart with Always, and then he was gone. And although he didn’t sing my favourite favourite song of all time (an oversight on his behalf, surely), I will always have youtube. And I will always have my favourite song which was written way back in 1988.

Gawd I’m old.

And this is kind of an after thought but yes, Gaucho. I’ve never been a huge fan of the steak, but the lamb chops are usually the bombest. But I didn’t order that, I stupidly went for the Gaucho burger which was so incredibly salty I was grasping for the water like it was JBJ’s chest hair. Panu and I couldn’t even work out what was so salty. What it the bacon? The tomato-y sauce? Was it just the whole thing? I think it was the whole thing.

Panu had beef – the churrasco cut – which was ok, not anywhere near as mind blowing as it should be considering it’s supposed to be this awesome Argentinian aged steak whatever-whatever.

Sides (sweet potato chips with three microscopic pieces of chorizo, spinach, mushrooms) were ok.

Pavlova was nothing more than a glorified meringue, the red berries were crazy sour but hey the malbec sorbet was nice!

Anyways, all I’ve been doing all morning is googling photos of JBJ and having various twitter conversations about throwing bras and panties and bare breasts on stage, none of which is actually helping my job, so I think I’d better hurry up and post this and erm, do some work.

Peace out and LOVE LOVE LOVE to Jon Bon Jovi x

Gaucho Restaurant
The O2, Peninsula Square
North Greenwich, SE10 0DX
0207 8858 7711

23 Thoughts on “hello and goodbye: the loving of Bon Jovi and the leaving of Gaucho

  1. Looks like you had a ball and I can’t imagine WHAT Twitter conversations you might be referring to… :o) Re. Gaucho – I told ya, should have had the lamb chops 😉

  2. love this! good to know we all have our 50+ studmuffins. life would be boring without them!

  3. Jeanne: Hahaha yeah who would have such lewd twitter conversations with moi! And yes, should have had the lamb *doh*

    Meeta: Very true, even if they should pass out on us LOL!

  4. I think Gaucho may have had its day and it seems to caters more to the expense a/c crowd. For me, their best dishes are their starters, in particular their ceviche. Otherwise, I’d rather be somewhere else.

    PS: Glad you have better taste in food than music……

  5. I’m telling my mum on you, you said breasts.

  6. OMG Catty – your writing always makes me laugh – it’s a combination of the fact that you’re hilarious *and* I can hear you saying it in my head! Love love love Bon Jovi and I can tell you had such a fab time. Hilarious about throwing bras and panties *and* bare breasts on stage… I can just see them bouncing around on stage! LOL! So nice seeing you again over the weekend and thank you so much for my gorgeous Parisian treat =) When are we going for wagyu? xxx

  7. Jenny on June 9, 2010 at 8:53 pm said:

    oh my goodness i’m jealous you saw bon jovi! i loved them when i was growing up! yes he is sexy!

  8. Sasa: hey close your eyes! This blog’s for people aged 12 and over only!!!

    Mowie: Wagyu! I told Panu and he’s like yep, he’s definitely in, I’ll email you some dates soon and hehehe it makes me happy to make you laugh! 😀

    Jenny: LOL I still love him… guess I’m still growing up though 😉

  9. Ahhh the 80’s – a time when it was acceptable to lust after men with mullets in leather pants. And lets face it JBJ was the hottest…actually second, but we will never see Michael Hutchence grace the stage again, so JBJ is the new rulling cock rock god.

    Good to know to avoid Gaucho – have seen it around and been tempted, but now, not so much.

    As to the Jubilee line. All I will say is that I cursed every, single concert goer to the deepest pits of hell as getting home was a nightmare. But glad you had fun!

  10. Gah! GAH!! I can’t get “Living on a prayer” out of my head now (that is Bon Jovi isn’t it?). Curse you… Where’s my hair brush? “Woooh-ooh we’re half way th… Nooooooo” 😉

    Glad you had a good time though.

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  12. Hi Catty- Your post put a smile on may face…until I got to the burgers…yikes. I had to look away. Those are some scarey meats. And what’s with the sour berries..Glad the concert was good though 🙂

  13. Elisa: Haha Michael Hutchence… yeah he was a bit of a hottie too but JBJ will always have my heart 🙂

    Grubworm: LOL!!! you always crack me up! You just gotta grow that hair a little more and you can be a rock god!

    Matcha Chocolat: Yeah Gaucho was a big mistake. But JBJ made up for all the pain 😀

  14. LOLLLLLLL Catty! This is the most awesome post! Well I’m sure you’ve had many many awesome posts but since I haven’t been able to keep up with your blogging, this is the most awesome for me. Now I can’t get I’ll Be There For You out of my head! Why are those rock stars so, uhm, you know… 😛

  15. Does JBJ still fly during one of the songs! I remember going to see them when I was 14 and nearly dying down the front being squished by lots of sweaty (mainly male!) fans. And he sang to me that night 😉

  16. Bon Jovi definitely rocks, the best rock and roll band in the planet,:~

  17. Mai: Hehe thank you! 😀 I constantly have “I’ll be there for you” stuck in my head and I’m glad you do too now hahahaha… but yeh, rock stars *ahem* HOT.

    Anne: He didn’t fly! Maybe getting a bit too old but still hella sexy. Oh he sang to you too? LOL, aren’t we lucky *wink*

    James Garcia: Hellz yes!

  18. Kate on June 21, 2010 at 7:06 am said:

    I love Bon Jovi soo much they are so great! Ive been to 3 concerts so far and had such a blast and also got the opportunity 2 meet Obie, hes such a great guy. I am actually listening to “I’d Die For You” right now. =) “Ill be there for you” is also an awesome song, i LOVE LOVE LOVE it when richie sings it!

  19. I love bon jovi and their music, they are so cool!

  20. Bon Jovi in the 90’s is super popular and can i say the king of rock and roll on those days;**

  21. i think that the best song of Bon Jovi is the Bed of Roses,:*

  22. i remember Bon Jovi when i was still in high school, Bon Jovi was very popular in the 90’s:;:

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