It was Thanksgiving in America yesterday. Being not an American person, I have pretty much zero knowledge about the history of Thanksgiving, but I love the idea that no matter how it started, it has evolved into a day of family, food and well, giving thanks.

Though I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (I wouldn’t say no to a big turkey though), I have many things to give thanks for, such as my awesome friends who cook me awesome food πŸ˜€

Like my friend Linh, who had me over a couple of weeks ago and cooked us the best Vietnamese meal – fresh spring rolls and grilled pork bun with the fattest noodles ever. Because she knows how I like ’em.

Not sure whether Linh planned it this way, but the dinner turned out to be totally pork-themed, not that I’m complaining about that. For starters she made pork meatballs (though we flattened them because they’re easier to wrap that way!) and a hoisin and peanut sauce, and we rolled our own fresh spring rolls with salad, rice noodles and rice paper wraps.

Ok so there were prawns as well, but they didn’t quite fit into the whole pork theme.

With our mains Linh also made a soup with stock, minced pork, cabbage and fried garlic. So simple and so delicious! (and so what I totally need right now as I freeze my butt off…)

And the main event, the grilled pork bun! Linh knows I’m a sucker for squidgy bun noodles and she went and bought fat noodles and fatter noodles, and let me pick which I wanted. Fatter, please. Seeing as she grew up in a restaurant family, Linh’s bun was exceptional, the pork, pickle and sauce, everything. Just perfect.

She even packed me home a jar of pickled carrot and radish, which I ate pretty much in one go. I’m quite sure that is not recommended for any digestive tract.

For dessert, Linh whipped up some grilled bananas, served with coconut sago (I made the sago! That was the entirety of my contribution to dinner), crushed peanuts and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’m not sure if this is a Viet dessert, I don’t think it is… I mean I asked for sam bu luong (as a drink/dessert) but erm, that was too difficult *boo*

In any case, cooked banana and ice cream is always a winner πŸ™‚

So you see? If you had awesome friends like this, you’d totally be giving thanks too!

Big LOVE to you Linhy! xx

16 Thoughts on “giving thanks for friends who make awesome food!

  1. God I love sago, I haven’t had it in ages. I really hope you post your recipe up at some point.

  2. Happy Turkey day. Appreciate the perspective.

  3. I totally would! We never go to peep’S for dinner here so I can’t wait to go home so I can have dinner cooked for me by someone other than F. Though I’m not complaining, he makes a mean pasta ^_^

  4. Yum, sounds like an awesome feast!

  5. Cooked banana and coconut milk is always a win for me. Especially if it comes with a side of a pandan pancake. πŸ˜›

  6. Awww. Love you too catticakes! Couldn’t think of a more worthy (read: greedy) recipient of my food πŸ˜›

    Gotta grab those pics from you at some point. Hrmm … feeling hungry now can’t believe you’ve eaten all of yours, am still munching through the rest of the batch.

    PS My bro-in-law created a website proper website for our restaurant – there’s pics n everything –

  7. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on November 26, 2010 at 10:05 pm said:

    Linh IS awesome!! Wow.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you,Catty. And today is Happy Birthday to me. It’s my hubby’s turn to cook.:) He did lobster and sweet and juicy, chocolate-dipped
    strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Can hardly wait to see tonight’s surprise.

  8. Trudi: I love sago too! What recipe are you after? Just the sago? Or something else?

    Keith: Thanks, happy turkey day to you too!

    Sasa: Ahhh enjoy all the pampering you can get when you get back home!

    Maria: Feast it was, considering during starters I’d already had the amount of food I’d normally have for a main! Linh makes me fat πŸ˜‰

    Su-yin: Yeah I like cooked banana with coconut milk or ice cream, or coconut ice cream!

    Linh: *heart!*

    Linda: Happy birthday! I hope your hubby does something really special xx

  9. Oh yes! I think we all wish we had a friend like Linh after all of those mouthwatering pics! πŸ˜€

  10. The coconut sago recipe please ;o)

    • Oh that’s easy! Just buy a pack of sago and a can of coconut milk. Don’t use too much sago as they expand quite a lot.. add the coconut milk in a pot and stir over low heat – TAKES AGES be patient – keep stirring until the sagos are clear (they start out white). If there’s still white in it, it means there will be a hard bit in the middle. Hope that helps!

  11. I’m frothing at the mouth for some of that grilled bananas with coconut sago and I don’t even like bananas!! MAN. this is some meal. You have good friends Catty x

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