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Remember Top Treats? Top Treats is what happens when American Express and toptable get a little too friendly and create a baby whose 100% focus is to bring us good food and good value. And now they are going one step further to help brighten your holiday season – want to win £200 to spend on any Gordon Ramsay Restaurant?

Sure you do! And it’s easy!

Just leave a comment in this post telling me…

What makes your ideal Christmas dinner (at home or out)?

… and you’re in for a chance to win this great prize. Your £200 voucher can be spent at any Gordon Ramsay restaurant and includes drinks. Competition closes midnight GMT Friday 24 December, so someone’s gonna wake up on Christmas morning to some very good news 🙂

We really gotta love Top Treats. American Express Cardmembers who love eating out can gain extra points every time they book, have access to exclusive deals and win some fabulous prizes. Like this one!

Get entering now guys!

  • Competition closes strictly midnight GMT Friday 24 December
  • The prize includes £200 voucher to spend at any Gordon Ramsay restauramt
  • Cost of meal is capped at £200 inclusive of drinks
  • Voucher is valid until 31 December 2011
  • Competition is open to anyone geographically, however accommodation and travel are NOT included
  • The prize is non refundable and non-transferable. There is no cash alternative.
  • A winner will be chosen using
  • Standard publication Terms and Conditions apply

53 Thoughts on “Top Treats spreads the Christmas love! Win £200 to spend at ANY Gordon Ramsay Restaurant!

  1. My vision of an ideal Christmas dinner always includes a crown roast, velvety soups and of course the most scrumptious creamy desserts. But truly, all I want are great friends to gather around for a great time.

  2. MommaSweets on December 13, 2010 at 2:24 pm said:

    Mine would be one with my loved ones at a long table, eating wild deer/boar meat with a thick gravy, juicy Rotkohl with Semmelknödel, mixed green salad and ice cream for desert! Tis the season of LOVE!!

  3. Nicola Piggott on December 13, 2010 at 2:29 pm said:

    My ideal Christmas meal would be a big herbed salmon with lots of seasonal roasted vegetables. Is that strange? It doesn’t feel strange. I’m just not much of a turkey gal….

  4. My ideal Christmas dinner would be a turducken. I’ve never had one and I crave it.

  5. Linda Hii on December 13, 2010 at 2:54 pm said:

    My ideal christmas dinner would involve multiple kinda of roasted, succulent meat, lashings of gravy, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, veg (brussel sprouts just for the sake of it). Just the biggest meal ever basically. If I’m eating in or out, I’d like to be served by Santa. The real one. Cos he is real…right? (I hope he isn’t as stingy with the food like he was with my presents as a kid).

    I would also like to ask him why he hid my 6th birthday present in my underwear drawer. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but thinking back I am slightly disturbed.

  6. jasper c on December 13, 2010 at 3:09 pm said:

    £200 to spend on Gordon would be a dream! My favourite Christmas is to be back home with my family in Norway, no matter what the food!

  7. Nancy Wood on December 13, 2010 at 3:27 pm said:

    My ideal Christmas dinner starts out with meticulous planning: Norfolk black turkey, organic veg from our local farmers’ market, home-baked pie and cake made from my grandmothers’ recipes, treasured wines pulled out from the cellar cold and dusty, antique table linens. Then — here’s the ideal part — something goes horribly, irreparably wrong. Like the year the fan on the fan oven, the only one I had, quit working on Christmas morning and we were ten for lunch. Or the year my husband decided to make Beef Wellington for the first time on Christmas day and lunch was delayed by six hours while everyone got sozzled. That’s when the whole perfection thing shatters completely and real Christmas shines through. Everyone ends up in the kitchen helping out, laughing, forgiving and, finally, gathering around the table to share a Christmas lunch that’s just as wonky and imperfect as we are. That’s my ideal Christmas.

  8. For me, although the food is important (well DUH!) it’s the atmosphere that’s important… it has to be relaxed with no stress about cooking to an exact timetable, no stress about perfect presents, no stress about what is on TV!

    Just relaxing…


    For the record, fresh foie gras pan fried, roast rib of beef, a magnificent cheese board and Christmas pudding. And chocolates. Lots of chocolates.

  9. My ideal Christmas meal is the one I have most Christmas’s which involves four birds! Turkey, goose, duck and chicken (we are a greedy family) and a big ham, lots of crunchy roast potatoes.

  10. Melissa L on December 13, 2010 at 4:35 pm said:

    Hmm… what makes my ideal christmas dinner…

    I *love* making christmas dinner. I love the rush and panic of trying to make sure everything is on schedule to fit in my tiny oven, and the joy of eating it all and picking at it even though your stomach says nooooo!

    Ideally, I’d love to do this for my entire family… but things in the past have meant that this is never to be.

    It is but a dream 🙂

  11. Lots of roast meat, seafood (I’m Australian, so of course) and Gran’s very alcoholic brandy cream.

  12. Stephen on December 13, 2010 at 5:53 pm said:

    For me, it’s with my friends and family around a table with too much food on it. Roast potatoes cooked in goose fat, a magnificent roast bird, lots of veggies, all covered in home made gravy.

  13. Having all my family around the table. Radiator on. Food on the table (lamb, roast potatoes, yorkshire puds, veggies, lots of gravy! :D) crackers on the side of the plates. <3

    Thanks for this great giveaway! x

  14. As many meats as possible. In my household, we always have at least 4 different animals on the table at any one stage. And finger food. Mum churns them out of the kitchen as the meats cook.

  15. Definitely dinner at home. Overcooking during Christmas dinner is one of the many joys of life (to me anyway!).

    And ideally I’d have turkey, pork belly + crackling, and roast beef. Shame I don’t get a chance to do big family Christmas dinners here, so it can’t be a reality! So I console myself by eating lots of chocolate. 😀

  16. Pigs in blankets MAKE Christmas dinner every time! I’ve already started dreaming about them. Saying that though, it’s really about being with family and the important people in your life, especially if you don’t see them very often.

  17. Dinner anywhere I dont have to do the dishes. Good food, loving family, and no dishes, its perfect.

  18. I’m out of the running but I just had to say, what a great prize!

  19. I like a traditional turkey dinner but it’s not complete for me without sticky roast parsnip batons and chipolatas wrapped in bacon. Fabulous prize!

  20. This year my ideal Christmas dinner will be at my place as I love cooking. It will be a real challenge to cook for my close friends as they will be as honest as ever! But that is the only way to get better with honest feedback! Then to celebrate the new year in style, what better way to treat my family out than with a lovely meal out at Gordon’s! I’m sure they will love the awesome prize! 😀

  21. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 13, 2010 at 10:16 pm said:

    With Christmas being so soon after Thanksgiving, I tire of tradition food. For the
    last 30 years I have done homemade Mexican food and my family and friends
    LOVED it. Cheese or crab enchilladas, chili rellenos, tacos, Zatarain’s Spanish
    Rice, and soupy-slop porkfat refried beans. My family is gone now, but my husband is super-worth cooking for. I may add beef tamales, this year. Make up
    a bunch and freeze the extras for future eats, and gift some to choice friends.

  22. It’s all about being at home, with turkey and ham and my brother having exactly one sprout each year, just to prove he still doesn’t like them.

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  24. We always thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas dinner.It is best to be with family.
    The main course of our dinner is typical Catalan
    “Escudella amb Galets” a soup made with different kinds of meat. vegetables and a pasta called galets
    (My English is very bad,if you want to know how it is, better search in Google.For dessert diferents kinds of nougat.
    At dinner can’t miss a Catalan cava.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!
    Bon Nadal a tots!!!

  25. My idea of a fabulous Christmas dinner would be everyone eating the same thing. I have to do a turkey, a veggie option and then there’s one that doesn’t eat any vegetables – oh for a simple life!

  26. Has to be cous cous stuffed portabello mushrooms followed by crispy skin goose and my special ginger marmalade glazed ham with all the trimmings. And nothing better than a pavlova with loads of fresh fruit, mojitos galore plus a good work out playing just dance on the wii!

  27. Breaded Meat (Wiener Snitzel), potato salad and fish. This is what we usually eat at Christmas.

  28. Boiled, shaken, then roast in goose fat potatoes are essential. As is a whole load of gravy. And apple sauce. And sprouts. And weirdly enough in our household….cauliflower cheese 🙂

  29. risottogirl on December 14, 2010 at 2:43 am said:

    My ideal Christmas dinner:

    Oysters and a seafood platter with Champagne to start,
    followed by roast goose, roast potatoes, truffled spinach and lots of other side dishes, with a truly unpasturised cheese board and a chocolate chestnut yule log to finish.


  30. A Chinese banquet and a movie – of course!

  31. Ideal Christmas dinner would start with something simple, clean and delicious like smoked salmon, followed by roast goose with goose fat roast potatoes, brussel sprouts with chestnuts and pancetta, honey glazed carrots, roast parsnips, braised red cabbage, cashew nut roast with sherry mushroom gravy, pork sage and apple stuffing. Then lastly dessert (after a suitable waiting period) would be the intensely alcoholic chocolate yule log my friend makes (by demand) every year.

  32. Awww what a giveaway Catty! Perfect for Christmas 😀 Doesn’t our dear Ramsay look a lil different in that picture. heehee x

  33. Enormous quantities of curry

  34. Natasha on December 14, 2010 at 2:43 pm said:

    I don’t eat meat but still enjoy the trappings of Christmas dinner. Roast squash with pecans and cheese works well with a roast and is suitably gooey and decadent. Roast potatoes (lots of), crisp green beans with garlic, sprouts with chestnuts, creamy mashed parsnips. Champagne to start and something deep and red with dinner. Later in the evening my mother’s Hungarian chocolate cake, not traditional but so, so, so good.

  35. Perfect roast potatoes, rich gravy and anything but turkey! (So long as it’s not overdone!)

  36. My best Christmas dinner has to include mashed potatoes, made with potatoes, butter, double cream, and salt. Heart attack on a plate but absolutely amazing.

  37. Breakfast: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with bucks fizz
    Lunch: Pigs in blankets!
    Dinner: Chocolate

    Christmas = food

  38. My ideal Christmas is at home, either with a vegetarian main or a typical Portuguese meal which consists of cod, vegetables and potatoes yum. 🙂 I’m not very keen on turkey and gammon in the UK.

    Hope you are well, and thanks for doing this.

  39. My ideal christmas dinner, is with my close ones. But food wise would be roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, also a pork/gammon roast with amazing crackling. ALL THE TRIMMINGS,roast potatoes, mash, seasoned brussel sprouts, honey parsnips & carrots, chipolatas and CHEESE ROLLED IN BACON. stuffing. actually that’s usually xmas lunch in my house.

    Breakfast is a selection of pates, smoked fish and cheeseboard.

    Dinner is traditional chinese hotpot. 4 rounds.

    Yeah, Christmas Fatty, me.

  40. Mine’s simple – guess this is Christmas “day”, but the stuff in advance of the dinner is to make it til dinner 😉 Homemade cream cheese danishes my mom’s prepped the night before. Eating homemade sausage balls in slipper socks & PJs from my parent’s home in AL as we wait for the dinner to be finished. And dinner of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate pecan pie. Perfect!

  41. All i need is my family and a lot of laughter, good food is a bonus, simple and perfect. 😀

  42. my ideal christmas?
    At home in Paris, snow outside , a lot of candles on the cheminey, very good and simple products on the table, like organic smoked salmon, a roasted farm guinea fowl, a plate of the most tasty french cheese, crispy bread, the traditionnal yule log but with passion fruit and bitter chocolat flavours and of course champagne!!

  43. In my family we never had one traditional Christmas dinner. It has changed quite a few times over the years, due to preferences changing (we started with Sauerkraut and sausages but my brother likes neither and my mum doesn’t like meat) and pure practicalities (grilling bacon on the raclette grill always let to smoking out the flat and everything smelling of nice crispy bacon for days afterwards). So I guess the common denominator that makes a perfect Christmas dinner for me is enjoying it with my family (and also preparing it together). Soppy, I know, but that’s how it is 😉

  44. the tradiotnal turkey and trimmings finally set on the table after a few squabbles and shouting mathces ovr who does what,bt mre importantly the gigles throughout as we are there with the whole family,gathered together for this one special meal on this very amazing specail brings us all together and we sit like children with out paper hats pulled out of crackers,telling the redicolous jokes from insdie them.then chowing down filling ourself senless,and filling up again,before have to retreat to the sofas to sleep it all off piled togeter.only to dream of the nxt meal,leftover turkey and stuffing sandwhiches tongiht…

  45. my ideal christmas? At home in Paris, snow outside , a lot of candles on the cheminey, very good and simple products on the table, like organic smoked salmon, a roasted farm guinea fowl, a plate of the most tasty french cheese, crispy bread, the traditionnal yule log but with passion fruit and bitter chocolat flavours and of course champagne!!

  46. For me, it’s about the people I’m with. The atmosphere of the place, whether home or out, and then the food quality.

    Nothing beats plates of food, piled high with simple but delightful home cooked fare!

    I’m a simple boy at heart!

  47. Xmas is at home with turkey and all the trimmings!

    Then off to grans and indulge in the treats and goodies made by the aunties….then its xmas dinner, usually including lobster (or suckling pig or both).

    Then midnight snack is all the leftover food from dinner.

    Ofcourse the turkey we have at home, anything leftover is made to turkey pie, jamie oliver style!

    I heart xmas with family.


  48. My ideal Christmas dinner is at home with all the family, but sadly some are stuck in the states because of the weather! We’re still putting on a big show with three types of meat, six sides and a big NY cheesecake to finish!

  49. My family and friends for starters, then if still hungry the traditional roast turkey dinner!!!

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