It stopped snowing this weekend and the temperatures rose to a balmy 5°C, so Panu and I decided to go check out the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. It was rather grey and gloomy though, and threatened to rain, but we focused on the task at hand: bratwursts, chips and hot chocolates!

The Winter Wonderland is pretty great for little kids and big kids alike. We go for the food, they go for the fair. Same same, right?

French fries…

… drenched in mayonnaise and ketchup!

So many options. Where to go?

Bavarian Village, anyone?

Or maybe just a bratwurst.

Mmmmmm… bratwurst…

I wanted pig, but the queue was LONG.

Mushrooms drowned in garlic sauce. SO delicious.

Roasted chestnuts everywhere. This old man was particularly cute.

Galaxy hot chocolate with cream… is there any other way?

When you’re done eating, check out the entertainment. There are games and rides and gift shops and even an ice skating rink. I would skate but I totally suck at it 🙁

The Winter Wonderland is located at the Hyde Park Corner side of the park. If you’ve got time, go check it out – it’s open 10am to 10pm every day until January 4 2011, so plan it and do it.

Seriously, especially if you have kids? Totally use them as an excuse to go 😉

ps. I’m off to New York on Monday for work for two weeks. Yes I know, life’s hard 😉 Blog ya from the other end!

11 Thoughts on “a Christmas winter wonderland @ Hyde Park

  1. Oh I LOVE those mushrooms -we had them at Christmas market in Hamburg a few years ago so will definitely have to pop along for some. We went to the South Bank market y’day and it wasn’t much fun – v.tacky and v.expensive!
    I’m not even going to comment about you going to New York – except to say I AM 100% JEALOUS! Give me a shout if you need any cupcake recommendations! and have a Shake Shack burger for me

  2. Hey Catty,
    Happy to hear you had a great time! 😀
    I heard about this place a couple of months back and sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day. Did you manage to go on any rides at least?
    That sliding one looks like fun!
    Have a wonderful time in New York, do let us know what it’s like, as equally as food. 🙂
    Safe flight and look forward in hearing from you.
    P.S-I re-ordered matcha for myself, as I gave my first one to my friend. 🙂 (Hoping to bake something matcha related at Christmas-will keep you updated on what-and how it was-converting everyone that is lol)

  3. Kay@chopstix2steaknives on December 4, 2010 at 10:55 pm said:

    Hi Catty,

    Looks like it was a totally fun day out. I’ve always wanted to go but after seeing your post, I k ow what to expect. Can’t wait!! Incidentally, am currently in Cologne this weekend and think I overstuffed myself with mulled wine and curry wurst and apple doughnuts!!!
    Have a great time in NY.

  4. Ahhh I have pics from winter wonderland to post too! 😛
    Your pics made me droooool…
    I tried the hog roast and it was yummy if not a bit dry.. but it was 9pm so was understandable!
    Must… go… again!!!
    Have fun in NY 🙂

  5. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 5, 2010 at 2:23 am said:

    Please travel prepared. New York has been pummeled with snow for the last three
    days. WAY pummeled. That snow blanket in England was historical, yes, but you
    will be flying into VERY cold weather.
    Oh, and that creamy garlic sauce and mushrooms,… and no recipe… I am on a
    mission now, to concoct my own recipe. I’ll share it, I promise.
    Stay safe and Godspeed.

  6. You didn’t line up cos the line was *too long*? I used to know a harder girl than that *cough, satay*

  7. Anne: OH yeah these markets totally cane the ones at Southbank! You should check them out! As for Shake Shack, I’m a little torn actually cos an going back to NY with my bf in Feb and I’m kinda meant to wait for him to have my first SS burger! What to do!!

    Ana: Sadly I didn’t go on any of the rides… I focused on eating 😉 Yay for new matcha! Lemme know what you end up making!

    Kay: Xmas is a great excuse to indulge in mulled wine and bratwursts! The more the merrier 🙂

    Suety: The hog roast LOOKED great. Terrible that it was a bit dry though, but there’s so much more food around there!

    Linda: I hear it’s cold! London has been below freezing so at least I think I’m somewhat prepared. I’m bringing my michelin man jacket 😀 YUM for the garlic sauce! Hope you make something delicious!

    Sasa: TRUE. wtf. who am I?

  8. We went to the one in Hyde Park a couple of years ago and they definitely didn’t have those mushrooms. The reason I keep going back to the Southbank is the first year they had a Knobi Bread stall – my favourite food at German Fests. Ah I understand about Shake Shack BUT being a huge fan I just couldn’t resist trying to tempt you. You could go and have something else 😉
    Have a fabulous time away

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  10. Aww you’re making me miss Europe at Christmas. And that picture of you holding the fries is SO cute-you look so happy like you’ve got the golden ticket!

  11. oh WOW this looks cool! I’ve actually never been. Entry is free right? I might go this year!

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