I very so unkindly brought the London weather to LA last week (sorry y’all) but there was one day when the rain let up and Panu and I headed straight for Venice Beach. Anyway, seeing as I super miss Panu right now (I’m in Sydney, he’s in London) I thought I’d post up my little series of “Panu at Venice Beach” photos.

Heh, just a bit of fun really 🙂

Panu watching the locals play paddle ball.

Panu checking out Muscle Beach.

Panu watching the locals play basketball.

Panu checking out the ESPN and 710FM basketball tournament.

Panu wandering along the shops on Venice Boardwalk.

Panu intrigued by the sketches of Marylin Monroe.

Panu watching the skate boarders at the Venice skate park.

Lastly, Panu at Venice Beach.

Hehe, hope that was fun! Anyway I’ve been in Sydney 24 hours now. Slept pretty well on the plane, touched down at 8am yesterday and managed to stay awake til 9pm last night. I was in competition with my friend’s adorable 4 month old baby to see who could stay up later. Sadly, I lost.

6 Thoughts on “Panu at Venice Beach

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  2. Hehe was he tempted to get a tattoo? 🙂

  3. Fun seeing the photos. I haven’t been to Venice Beach since Halloween 1978.

  4. What!! No speedos!!! Very disappointing…

  5. Lorraine: lol it was more like he had to stop me from getting another one!!

    Linda: WOW that was a long time ago!

    Bruce: Who PANU? or the regular old speedo guy??

  6. You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I’ve been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you’re an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!

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