Going “home” for holidays is all about r&r. You don’t have anything to see (aside people), there’s nothing pressing to do. You can just chillax. And so from the moment I touched down in Sydney on Monday morning, I did nothing but slugabed around for a solid 48 hours. Oh wait, I lied. I snuck out for a quick dinner at my favourite Mamak, then came straight home to sleep.

After 48 hours of nothingness (and superbly well rested), I started getting a little cabin feverish so thank god I had plans afoot for a fun Wednesday out and about!

Starting bright and early at 9am, Lorraine and I trundled our way towards Manly to check out Adriano Zumbo’s new little shop along the wharf. Zumbo has been super famous in Sydney, mainly for his sweet treats and random macaron flavours. But all I wanted were his sausage rolls. We grabbed a couple (beef & chilli and um, pork & fennel I think?) and headed down to Manly wharf to eat by the beach. It was a little overcast but I didn’t care because I was eating SAUSAGE ROLLS on a BEACH WITH SAND. Do you appreciate the enormity of this situation?

I didn’t really escape the sweets though. As if I could. After the sausage rolls, we wandered back to the shop and meandered for hours (ok not really, but we were there a really long time) and shared a “cobb & co” – corn meringue, mango lime gel, corn mousse, creme corn on popcorn crunch. Totally weird, totally Zumbo.

He actually has a stunning selection of sweet stuff – and all beautifully made – I could have totally eaten all of them. Self control, yo.

I did however buy a selection of his macarons to share with a friend over gallons of oolong tea yesterday. Some of the flavours were blech (eucalyptus for example, which is an oil I burn when I’m sick not something to put in my mouth) but there were also some winners (toasted marshmallow YUM and pandan coconut).

After whiling the afternoon away, I hurried back into the city for dinner. I kinda wanna talk about how my cheap ass waited half an hour for the free bus shuttle because I didn’t want to pay $2 for a bus ride and how it never came because it stopped running at 3.30pm but NO. I will not. Anyway. I made it to Löwenbräu at some point and there, Suze, Phuoc, Karen and I attempted to tame the German pork beasts.

Now, Löwenbräu is literally down the street from my Sydney office and I’ve had many an adventure there in the past. Like one time when the waiter dropped not one, not two but THREE full plates of food on Panu. That was fun. Anyway, the food’s good and it’s the one place in this world I choose to drink beer (mango wheat beer FTW!) so I still go back 🙂

Fresh baked pretzels!

GIANT pork knuckle!

Fatty awesome pork belly!

Chicken schnitzel!

What’s not to like, right?

We didn’t end up having any dessert at Löwenbräu because Suze was going on and on about this cookie in a skillet that they had around the corner at Hart’s Pub. Cookie. IN A SKILLET. No further explanation required.

The warm and gooey choc chip cookie was DELISH, topped with a very generous ball of ice cream. We all rolled home happy.

And it’s now 10am and I need to get my butt moving cos I’m going out to soak up the sunshine today!

Adriano Zumbo
Shop 10/40 East Esplanade
Manly, 2095
(02) 9810 7318

Adriano Zumbo on Urbanspoon

Löwenbräu Keller
18 Argyle Street
The Rocks, 2000
(02) 9247 7785

Lowenbrau Keller on Urbanspoon

Harts Pub
Corner Essex & Gloucester Streets
The Rocks, 2000
(02) 9251 6030

Harts Pub on Urbanspoon

17 Thoughts on “Venturing out in Sydney: sausage rolls, Adriano Zumbo, German pubs and a cookie. In a skillet.

  1. What an fab night! I can go for more of that skillet cookie mmmm… Lovely meeting you darl! See you for drinkies and fun dancing in Aug 🙂

  2. Samantha on February 24, 2011 at 12:20 am said:

    That sausage roll thingy looks amazing. Glad your getting a chance to rest and relax!

  3. cmon that skillet cookie was freaking awesome yo! ahaha great to finally meet you in person dude! we shall eat oh yes we shall

  4. Holy crap that looks good.

  5. The desserts and the pretzels look so yummy! Ooh, and the cookie in a skillet, lovely.

  6. So nice to finally meet you Catty! I’m impressed at how you managed to fit in so much while you were here. Have fun in Brisbane! 🙂

  7. awesome to see that you’re having so much fun! the pork knuckle is sure huge and delicious!

  8. All of it looks delish!!!!!!! And those sausage rolls,…I assume that they bake their own bread. That bread is to die for. Rare to say, I could eat EVERYTHING you have posted, today. Hoping you have a great visit, Cat.

  9. Phuoc: oh yes those drinks and dancing in August lol, that will be just before my 32nd bday!!!! 😀

    Samantha: thanks m’dear… definitely resting up here in Oz. Loving it!

    chocolatesuze: it WAS! have already told my bf I’m bringing him there for it. He loves a good cookie hehehe..

    Sean: sure was 🙂

    Katarina: everything was delicious! and huge!

    Lorraine: you too!!! Will have to go driving again next time!!

    Melissa: I know, it’s fracking enormous right?

    Linda: hahaha I love that you would actually eat everything here 😀 And yes, they bake everything!

  10. YUM! Looks like you are having a wonderful visit. Super jealous of the beach. So tired of winter. Enjoy!!

  11. Those mains look delicious! What are the eating out prices like compared to UK?

  12. Yay, how awesome to have you back in Sydney Catty!!

  13. Lara: I’m having a great time in Oz. Haven’t actually made it all the way into the water at the beach yet but am heading up to Queensland tomorrow!

    Minny: Um, that meal cos us AU$50 each (with pretzel starter and beers but no dessert) which is about £35. I think it’s actually soso, not that much cheaper. Sydney is becoming an expensive city!

    Maria: I KNOW!! 😀 😀

  14. I am now, officially having serious Sydney withdrawls. I think it was the sausage roll on the sand that really did it…. travel safe!

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  16. How fun that you were heading out with Not Quite Nigella – I love it (and her blog) cannot tell you how jealous I am of the sausage roll and the Adrian Zumbo sweets.

  17. Wow, intense dinner! Making me look forward to my trip to Sydney in a few weeks. I keep imagining lots of modern healthy salads in the sunshine. But that food has a distinctly European look to it!

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