It’s been a while since I made anything matcha huh? Sorry about that, life’s been kinda… hectic and all that and I’ve also discovered that Candy Cafe in Chinatown makes a matcha ice cream smoothie – I KNOW! – so I haven’t had to make my own! But over the weekend I got the matcha itch again and basically had zero ingredients on hand except cream, white chocolate and gelatin (and I always have matcha) so…

… hello matcha & white chocolate panna cotta!

Panna cotta is basically “cooked cream” and believe me, it is super easy to make. You literally just have to mix the cream, sugar and gelatin together and then let it set, it’s seriously that simple.

I added white chocolate for a richer white chocolatey flavour (why not, right?) and matcha because I’m just a little bit obsessed. This time I used Vitalife’s matcha powder which is great, high quality matcha. I’ve got the drinking grade stuff, but what’s awesome about Vitalife is that they also sell a cooking grade matcha – 100 grams for £11.99 – which is cheaper and perfect for baking and desserts!

So I made a little pot of this stuff and was deliberating on what ramekins to use. I’ve been particularly into teeny weeny miniature taster-sized desserts lately and so I made a few in shot glasses. Totally cute. The rest I poured into ramekins – you know the ones that come with the Gü chocolate soufflés? I totally buy those just for the ramekins. Not the soufflés. Obviously.

I think I’m going to start making lots of miniature desserts, they’re more fun to eat and as I’ve said before, awesomeness comes in small packages.

Matcha & white chocolate panna cotta
2 sheets gelatin (or enough to set 300mL of liquids)
300mL double cream
1 tablespoon caster sugar
2 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
20 grams white chocolate, finely chopped
1 1/2 teaspoon matcha powder (I used Vitalife matcha powder)
  1. Place two sheets of gelatin in a little cold water and leave for five minutes. After five minutes, drain water.
  2. In the mean time, place all other ingredients except matcha powder in a pot and place over low heat.
  3. When the mixture starts to bubble on the sides, place softened gelatin sheets in the pot and stir slowly, ensuring it melts completely. Try to avoid the liquid boiling though as this may make it not set as well.
  4. When the gelatin has melted, it’s time to add the matcha. Spoon out about 3-4 tablespoons of cream mixture and add matcha powder to this.
  5. Stir until mostly or completely dissolved (I left some matcha undissolved as I like the speckled look and taste). Add dissolved matcha mixture back into the cream and stir.
  6. Pour into ramekins, small bowls or shot glasses.
  7. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight to set.
Makes 4 small ramekins or 8-10 shot glasses.

20 Thoughts on “super easy matcha & white chocolate panna cotta!

  1. Yay for more matcha! Your blog is not the same without it… 😉

    Matcha, white choc, + cream is a match (geddit?) made in heaven if you ask me. Great for this freaky warm weather, too. Bliss.

  2. All hail the matcha queen! I love pannacotta. I bet the undissolved matcha bits are pockets of flavour hey?

  3. I heart Matcha too! and this looks so simple and delicious..will have to give it a go!

  4. Oh yeah. This one is good to go.

  5. I’m 100% certain that if you landed up on a dessert island with nothing but a crate of matcha, you’d still be (happy and…) able to create some sort of amazing matcha themed tasting menu using only your bare hands and a piece of double sided sticky-tape.

    Anyhow, this dessert looks very good indeed and as it happens, I have a bag of matcha just crying out to be used. And a whole bunch of those ramekins (and the wee little Gu crumble pots), which I also buy for the dish. Oh yes.

  6. aforkful: I would love to have a fork full of spaghetti right about now. and yes they are a match hehe goddit 😉

    Phuoc: YES. that’s why I decided not to dissolve it all, it would have been plain boring smooth green. Little itty bitty bits of flavour are better!

    Kay: Yeah this is the worlds easiest recipe honestly. So good!

    Linda: Sure is!

    Grubworm: Haha hmmmmm matcha and coconut dessert?? And by the way you said DESSERT island. Awesome typo 😀

  7. Yum, matcha! Even though I don’t like white chocolate, this sounds delicious! 😉 xx

  8. oh wow that is super awesome and easy recipe to make some matcha goodness! i think i should make some mini ones too!

  9. Hehe yes we’ve been missing the matcha Catty! But glad to hear that you’ve got your matcha cooking mojo back 😀

  10. Maria: You don’t like white chocolate?? I LOVE WHITE CHOC! I bet you like dark… because it’s healthier hehe…

    Melissa: Yeah mini ones are somehow better cos they’re cuter and more fun to eat.

    Lorraine: I’m BACK. and already hatching plans for more matcha treats 😀

  11. These were GOOD. *Nom* 😀

  12. Hi Catty! Awesome blog you have here!! 🙂 I love panna cotta and I didn’t know how easy it is to make! Thank you for this recipe and I will definitely try it out 😉

  13. Mmmmm panna cotta love of my life… loving the matcha addition, makes it count as a HEALTHY dessert in my deluded head. Can’t wait to try it out!

  14. Su-yin: thank you! 😀

    iamthewitch: I love yours too! There are no good Malaysian eating out blogs. I sent your link to my cousin who lives in KL she’s going to love it!

    Hanna: Anything with matcha is healthy. Like, matcha ice cream is healthy. 😉

  15. OK great, THANKS, now officially missing Gü souffles AND Ocado. I had an enormous collection of ramekins after last summer in London that I was not allowed to take back in my suitcase, damn you BA weight restrictions… :0(

    Nice panna cotta btw.

  16. Yay! More matcha goodness. I prefer smaller size desserts and these are perfect.

    • matcha is back on the menu! 😀 I know, little sizes are just more fun to eat and it doesn’t mean you eat less cos you can have multiples lol!

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