black prawn ravioli, prawn mousseline & champagne-chervil cream

It’s only two more sleeps until I’m back on the plane, hurtling my way back to London. My two weeks in J’burg feels like it’s flown by, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here for eons and I want to go home so that I can get back to some semblance of a normal day to day life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been awesome being here with the team but H.E.C.T.I.C. Understatement.  It’s been work work work work work and then back to the hotel for more work work work.

But in between all this work I’ve managed to fit in tiny little parcels of fun… and time to blog, obviously, because how else would I keep sane?

Last night was one such parcel of fun. One of my co-workers is married to this guy who’s been been tagged as one of the better chefs in J’burgtown. And even better than that, during a game of 30 seconds on our team trip, someone used “looks like Rebecca’s husband!” to describe Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp, you guys. And he cooks. Do you understand the enormity of this situation?

Anyway, so last night we’re at The Attic, where Tom Hughes plays head chef most nights of the week. It’s a funky little place, a little “hipster” on J’burg’s scale of hipsters and definitely quirky. It’s dim and cosy and my co-workers shared a bottle of red, which when I was told had undertones of chocolate, I also had a sip.

I’m telling you that I drank wine because between the dimness of the restaurant and the fact that I pass out on a mere whiff of alcohol, my photos are all borderline blurry but you forgive me, right?

Blurry or not, the food at The Attic was absolutely delicious, and I’m not just saying that because well, Johnny Depp. The prawn ravioli starter… creamy, sweet, juicy… and the pork! Three of us ordered the pork because who wants to say no to crackling? Certainly not me. The contrast between crunchy crackling and melt-in-your-mouth pork confit was just… perfect.

pork shoulder confit, crackling, celeriac puree, boulangere potato & poached parsnips

marsala spiced paneer with a fragrant potato cake, lentil dhal, tomato raita,
green papaya chutney & lime pickle

And of course there’s room for dessert. We decided on three to share, but one came highly recommended and oh dear lord now I know why. The hot chocolate pudding, which looks like a chocolate soufflé and I suppose it kind of is, except that it’s 90% rich, liquid, chocolate goodness and the rest? It’s history that’s what it is. I’ve vowed to come back to The Attic Bar next door and this time I’m having a hot chocolate pudding all to myself dammit. Sharing is over-rated.

apple, pecan & pear crumble, brandy snap, vanilla bean ice cream

candied macadamia nut & lime baked cheesecake

hot chocolate pudding with home made vanilla bean ice cream

So I’ve still got to deal with Thursday and Friday, and then I have the pleasure of being squashed in cattle class for 11 hours and then I’ll be home. Although, I’m not quite sure if home is all that homely right now, with packing boxes stacked up the side of our walls (only 3.5 weeks until I leave London! Eeeeks!) but Panu’s mum is in town this weekend and guess where’s we’re going for dinner? Only The Ledbury yeahhhhhh. One of my last ticks on the London list.

Anyway, that’s all from me tonight. Much love! x

The Attic
24 4th Avenue,
Parkhurst, Johannesburg 2196
+27 (0)11 880 6102

11 Thoughts on “The Attic: little parcels of delicious fun in Johannesburg

  1. Aww good luck with the 11 hours in cattle class but at least there is the memory of the food and the lions! 😀

  2. Odd menu. But I love your description of the hot chocolate pudding. YUM! Do ya think that you will miss any particular thing about Johannesburg? The late Gil Scott Heron did a song about that place in the late 1970’s and it sounded like an awful place to live. On the other hand, the people I know and know of who have gone to Africa said that they felt they’d arrived home, as if they had been there before in some past life. Did it feel like “home” to you? Maybe Johannesburg isn’t the right place in Africa as to where they were referring to as where they visited the continent…. Africa fascinates me. Here’s wishing you a safe trip to London and for you to get a blissful night’s sleep. xoxo 🙂

  3. What lovely timing as I will be heading to J’burg soon….enjoy the last two days there..

  4. Lorraine: haha yeah I need it! the memory of the lion cubbies will stay with me, and I’m coming back here again soon so it’s all ok 🙂

    Linda: It did actually feel like home to me because it feels quite similar to Australia, where it’s large and expansive and rather dry (as J’burg is not near the coast). It seems like a lovely enough place.. you should try and visit some day!

    Kay: When are you in Jburg? I’m back again end July for 2 weeks 🙂

  5. I can’t believe you’re going home already?! That must mean you’re coming to Sydney soon, I can’t wait!! Thank goodness for time flying quickly! 😉

  6. Great find again Catty – you always manage to get the chef’s tips in every town. Enjoy the Ledbury – hope it is just as good as our AMAZING meal there!

  7. Love the sound of this place and oh yes, that Diemersfontein Pinotage does indeed taste lke chocolate – one of my faves!! I gotta go and see this bloke who looks like Johnny Depp. And OMG I haven’t played 30 Seconds in ages and I LOVE it! Safe trip back…

  8. Maria: I know and yes 5 weeks til I’m back in Sydney WOOHOOOOOO!!

    Gourmet Chick: I’m SO looking forward to the Ledbury… how good was our meal there?!

    Jeanne: oh man, and I don’t even love wine but that was so delicious… hahaha yeah … he’ll just love that I’m spreading the word that he looks like Johnny Depp.. NOT!

  9. Yummy! Looks like a delicious and fun-filled evening:-) And your photos turned out lovely despite your sip of wine!

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