Panu got back on Friday. Single, double, triple, quadruple YAYS! We had one day to relax and stock up on cuddles (well, for me to stock up on cuddles) because bright and early on Saturday morning, we started the dreaded apartment hunting. Just for the record, I fricking hate apartment hunting. It’s the rushing between viewing appointments, the squishing into tiny apartments with dozens of other renters and then there’s the glaring at each other, because we all know that in this tough rental market, we are nothing but competitors.

So we started at 8am and rushed between viewings that are literally 15 minutes long – to park, to go in, to view, grab a couple of forms and then drive to the next viewing. ALL IN 15 MINUTES. It’s hectic to say the least and I don’t do hectic all that glamorously.

Thank god we gave ourselves an hour break at lunch time to fuel up and as luck would have it, we were in Newtown at the time and I got to chill out and regain some grace and composure at one of my favourite cafés in Sydney’s inner west, Urban Bites. I had a steak sandwich and Panu had a smoked salmon salad. Love how I usually order the man meal, and Panu the salad, and restaurants always assume the man’s getting the steak.


I used to live directly across the street from Urban Bites before we moved to London, so you can imagine how often I went. I particularly love their weekend brunches, if nothing else because they make awesome hashbrowns and I LOVE ME SOME HASHBROWNS!

Anyway, all of Saturday was spent apartment hunting and all of today has been spent filling out goddamn forms, and scanning every document in existence which proves that I am me. We’re applying for three apartments – in Newtown, Camperdown and Surry Hills – so please wish us luck!

Urban Bites
70-72 King Street
Newtown, 2042
(02) 9565 5888

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14 Thoughts on “finding a home is not easy, but at least we have Urban Bites!

  1. I’m so envious. Sydney does brunch so much better than London!

    Good luck for the apartment search – I’ve eaten in Newtown and Surry Hills but don’t know too much about Camperdown. Mind you, if its on your shortlist, it must have good food!

  2. Oh sweets, I totally feel your pain. I HATE HOUSE HUNTING WITH A PASSION. Thankfully I’m in my current place until at least the January after next, but I’m going to have to begin the search all over again after that & I’m going to become an absolute wreck.

    At least you got to relax with your man and a tasty lunch!

    We miss you a lot over here =( Hope life back home is settling in!

    Jax x

    PS: Check out my blog on Monday around 11.30am my time – my long awaited Matcha-Misu recipe is finally going up!

  3. sheesh, i didn’t realise it’s so competitive there! good luck!

  4. I feel your pain! Finding a new home is a nightmare, doesn’t matter if you’re renting or buying! I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’ll find something close to my area soon! ;-D

  5. Ahh you poor thing! But at least you have this glorious breakfast to make up for the neverending forms! 😛

  6. Mr Noodles: well, Camperdown is right next to Newtown 😀 I love the inner west!

    Jackie: Oooooh matcha misu! Will definitely check it out!!

    mc: I know, it sucks right now. The first apartment we went to I swear had about 40 people viewing!!! Us against 40! GAHHHHHH >.< Maria: Haha you are so mean, cos technically you are hoping I don't get any of the three apartments I've applied for!! Lorraine: I know, food makes everything better!

  7. Hey Cat, be good to have brunch one day with you and Panu when you guys get settled, i’d love to go here haven’t been as yet 🙂

  8. The last 2 pics are not recents of urban bites!!!!!!!

  9. Three great suburbs for uber coolness and fab food 🙂 good luck with all of them!! Or any of them?

  10. Apartment hunting is not fun in London or anywhere else in the world.. Good luck catty!

  11. Nothing better in the world than a decent Sydney breakfast. Wishing you luck with the hunting. It’s pure poison- whether in Sydney, London or anywhere.

  12. Hmmm, I thought I left a comment on this post but I guess it didn’t “stick”. Urban Bites is close to my office so I often end up here for lunch with “the girls”…quite like the lamb & haloumi burger and the big free jar of lollies by the register. LOL.

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