Almond & white chocolate parfait with roasted strawberries

So, my night at Felix Bistro started off rather oddly. I arrived at 7.30pm to meet some friends for dinner. I knew I was the first to arrive, so I thought it was a little odd when the maitre d’ said that my friends were already there. Ok, you know, maybe they did get there before me. Apparently superhuman speed and power is not beyond all of us. He led me to a table, where a couple were having a lovely, quiet, romantic meal.

“Here are your friends,” the maitre d’ announced and pulled out a seat for me.

I looked at the couple, who had paused mid-shovelling-food-into-their-faces. They stared at me.

Awkward. (And why does this keep happening to me?)

“Um, ah, these aren’t my friends,” I stammered, embarrassed for I’m not really sure who. Me? Them? The maitre d’? Yeah, the maitre d’.

“They’re not? My apologies!” Flustered, he quickly ushered me away, much to the relief of the couple and plonked me at the bar to wait for my friends who, as it turns out, do not have superhuman speed and power. They eventually arrived, we were seated together and the night improved vastly from there on.

From the first inkling of a starter to the utterly satisfying desserts, every single dish we had was outstanding.

Spanner crab salad with avocado, lime and fish roe

Felix oyster bar

Though I’m impartial when it comes to oysters (all I know is I like ’em little), Felix’s half-arch of an oyster bar is mighty impressive. We shared a sample of various regional oysters and they tasted clean and sweet and dare I say, great. We also shared the spanner crab salad, one of the specials for the night, and wow. Fresh, sweet, simple and all together too little served in that Martini glass!

Mains were all simple, but cooked to perfection, the absolute highlight of the night being the bouillabaisse – a Tuesday night special – which… I can’t even describe this. Basically, the broth was deliciously rich and aromatic and tasted like everything that is awesome about seafood.


Pork neck served with roasted turnips

Sorry about the blurry shots, guys. It was like, really dim in there.

Pan roasted duck breast with cabbage and radish

And then there’s dessert.

They say that great food brings out the literary geniuses in us. Ok, “they” don’t say that, I do. We each ordered our own desserts because damned if I’m sharing and while each one was brilliant, the outstanding dessert for the night was the passionfruit soufflé. Quintessentially perfect in every sense of the word (and taste), the soufflé was unbelievably light yet so full of passionfruit flavour.

As my friend, David, said: “It’s like parachuting through a cloud of passionfruit.”

Literary genius, no? 😀

Passionfruit soufflé with vanilla ice cream

Lemon pudding with cream & candied lemon

I ordered the almond & white chocolate parfait [top] because we wondered what roasted strawberries would look like. Basically, they look like shrivelled up strawberries 🙂

So dinner at Felix? Awesome. Company? Brilliant. I went with my friends David and Lisa… and for the Sydney foodies amongst us, Lisa runs Your Local Markets, food and artisan markets which are held every Wednesday to Friday in Bondi Junction (as well as Saturdays and Sundays on the Gold Coast). Go check it out!

Felix Bar & Bistro
2 Ash Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 9240 3000

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15 Thoughts on “Felix Bar & Bistro: the quintessentially perfect passionfruit soufflé

  1. That passionfruit souffle really needs to be inside my mouth like NOW. And that bouillabaisse. Ah geez just give me everything on that table!

  2. lol i like my oysters little too! the souffle sounds amazeballs

  3. How awesome is the souffle! I’ve only been to Felix for dessert but the savouries look awesome as well, especially the bouillabaisse.

  4. Karen: I know man, the bouillabaisse and passionfruit souffle. Note that neither were my choices lol, I need to go back and have them all to myself!!

    chocolatesuze: mini oysters FTW!

    Jacq: yeah the desserts rock but the mains are also soooo good (as are the starters). I’m definitely going back 🙂

  5. That pork neck is totally doing it for me right now! The souffle looks pretty awesome!

  6. Bahaa! That has happened to me and the woman and I looked at each other and said “That’s not my friend!” 😛

  7. Wow that passionfruit souffle sounds good. I haven’t had a good souffle in London for a while.

  8. Nic: the pork neck was what I ordered, but next time I’m going for the bouillabaisse!!

    Lorraine: Hahaha I know! Awkward, right???

    jenny: Hey, if Bob Bob Ricard in Soho still has it, try the strawberries and cream soufflé! It’s AMAZEBALLS!

  9. Now that’s what I call a bloody soufflé!

  10. Heh, what is it with you and meeting ‘friends’ in restaurants – i remember one memorable occasion in Chilli Cool 😉

    That place looks very good indeed, I really quite fancy the idea of parachuting through passion fruit clouds… And that bouillabaise sounds amazing. Nothing better than a good fish soup/stew/thing (how do you describe a bouillabaise?).

    • OH MY GOD I totally blanked that from my memory! LOL how funny was that!! need to link it to this post hahahaha 🙂 I think a bouillabaisse is a… broth? You didn’t say broth 😉

  11. This food looks amazing. And that souffle… and the pork neck…. and,.. and….:-D

  12. Passionfruit souffle… OMG yum!! Man, I really need to get myself to Sydney – there’s you, your red stools and also the good food! How perfect is that. 😀 Miss having you a minute’s walk away!! xx

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