siu yuk – roast pork

The day after my cousin’s wedding – and our final day in Hong Kong – we got together with all the rellies and had a big yum cha lunch at Dragon King in the World Trade Centre, the final in a string of many indulgent meals we’d had. If they read this, I wanted to thank my Aunty Liz and Uncle Jon who fed us so ferociously well over the weekend.

Since it’s a Friday, I’m not going to say much except this, people, this is how you do yum cha porn:

har cheong – prawns in steamed rice wrap

deep fried tofu

char siu bao – BBQ pork buns

char siu – BBQ pork

honeyed lotus root

battered calamari rings

siu mai – pork & prawn dumplings

xiao long bao – soup dumplings

ingredients from a crab, chicken & coconut soup

melon & prawn stir fry

loh bak goh – turnip cake – one of the best I’ve ever had!

soft shelled crab with crispy noodles

whole roast chicken


lo mai gai – glutinous rice with Chinese sausage and mushrooms

fried sesame pastry with honey

That’ll be all! Have a fabulous weekend!

Dragon King
12F, World Trade Centre
180 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2895 2288

10 Thoughts on “pure, unadulterated yum cha porn @ Dragon King, Hong Kong

  1. WOW oh WOW is all I can say. That is unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever seen! The roast pork and the fried tofu look good – infact it all looks GREAT. Did someone eat the chooks head?

  2. This all looks absolutely amazing! The crab and noodles looks particularly fab, with the noodles soaking up the sauce. BTW – what’s the topping on the siu mai?

  3. Stop it girl! I cannot handle yum cha food porn when I can’t have any. I start climbing the walls πŸ˜›

  4. everything looks so damn delicious! Want to go hk right now

  5. PHWOAR. Those siu mai especially look great.

  6. Wow, those siu mai look smexy. Must have when I fly there

  7. Everything looks amazing – particularly loving the look of the pork and the crab soup. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

  8. Miss Piggy: the fried tofu was reaaaaally good! I know, it’s a lot of food huh!

    Mr Noodles: Oh yeah the crab noodles had this amazing chive sauce, SO DELICIOUS. Re the siu mai, I don’t remember what that topping was lol! I just ate it! (no seriously, I don’t remember but I think it was some sort of seafood).

    Lorraine: Oh no haha I hope you get out and quash that yum cha craving soon!

    Julie: I want to go back right now πŸ™

    Lizzie: PHWOAR indeed! Great way to describe it all!

    Food is our religion: Must!

    Gourmet Chick: Yeah it was all good. Eating in Asia rocks πŸ™‚

  9. The siu yuk and tofu looks so good! Are those black sesame seeds on the tofu?

  10. Yum Cha food porn at its best!!

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