When you come back from an eating haven like Hong Kong, the only thing anyone cares about is “what’s the best thing you ate?” Well, actually, for a normal person it might be “what did you buy?” but clearly, I am not normal. I don’t shop (seriously, hate shopping, not sure if I’m meant to be female).

But ask me what the best thing I ate (or drank) and I guarantee you I’ll give you the same answer every time.

Hui Lau Shan.

Say what?

Yeah, that’s right, Hui Lau Shan.

Hui Lau Shan (Chinese website / English website) is a chain of “healthy” dessert stores. There are branches dotted all around Hong Kong and honestly? Why isn’t there one in Sydney? Their simple ingredients of (mainly) mango, coconut, aloe jelly and grass jelly is just so damn good – and healthy – that it’s easy to guzzle one or four, in a three day weekend trip.

When we touched down in Hong Kong, before we’d even exited the airport, I got my first hit.

You’d better believe it! There’s a Hui Lau Shan right there in the arrivals hall so you can get one on touch down, and one just before you depart. Such awesomeness!

My all time favourite menu item is the aloe/mango/coconut drink. I’ve tried lots of other items, and they are all very delicious, but I don’t know why this one just does it for me. And if you get stuck for how to actually order this, well, there is usually a menu with photos, but alternatively you can ask for the B3. That’s what it is, the B3.

Ok, so on this trip I cheated a little and tried something else. This here is a black glutinous rice, mango and coconut concoction. Also scrumptious.

Foreigners might find it a little hard to locate a Hui Lau Shan store because their shop fronts don’t spell out “Hui Lau Shan” in alphabets. So this is what it looks like. Commit this to your memory.

Honestly, everyone go try this place out and tell me if I’m wrong about it being one of the best places in Hong Kong, period.

Hui Lau Shan
Everywhere – check out their OpenRice site for locations
Chinese websiteย /ย English website


Another dessert place we managed to get to in the two half days which we had to ourselves was Honeymoon Desserts (Engish website). Again, lots of locations all around Hong Kong and they have an awesomely huge selection of desserts and they serve durian!

Of course, for the ultimate durian dessert, you’ve got to go to Tim Yee Yee in Tin Hau, but if you want to maintain any semblance of physical connection with any human being after consuming durian, keep it simple and have a small dose at Honeymoon Desserts instead.

fresh durian and matcha ice cream in coconut sago soup

Matcha and durian in the same bowl. I was in heaven. And that’s a scoop of fresh durian, not durian ice cream, aiight?ย 

mango pancakes

grass jelly, mango, pomelo and sago, served with vanilla ice cream

So, I posted a photo from Honeymoon Desserts on my facebook and one of my friends commented that she got engaged there. I was like holy crap that’s so cool right?? Forget the stereotypical top of the Eiffel Tower romance. True love is a wedding proposal and big kiss, right after indulging in a huge bowl of durian ๐Ÿ˜‰

Taking notes, Panu? Heh.

Honeymoon Desserts
Everywhere – check out their OpenRiceย site for locations

24 Thoughts on “dessert… Hong Kong style (nobody does it better)

  1. Helloooooo durian! It all looks awesome and I’m very intrigued by the aloe, mango and coconut combo!

  2. So glad you got your hit of Hui Lau Shan ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t had one for a long time now. Don’t know why since I walk past it all the time ~ gonna go get some later on today.

    You hate shopping? Wow hahaa I thought you were a shoppaholic like me!

  3. The husband loves Honeymoon Desserts! Even though he didn’t know the name… =p The story goes that, years ago, he was taken on a late night drive to Sai Kung by a friend and visited “this awesome place that serves HEAPS of durian desserts”. I now believe this was the original Honeymoon Desserts and, lucky for him, I can read a moderate amount of Chinese and deciphered for him that Sai Kung is where Honeymoon Desserts originated.

    As for me, I’m not a durian fan yet I’m not repulsed by it either!

  4. Helen: It’s so simple and so delicious.. and I’m gonna make one at home!

    Daisy: Haha yeah I hate shopping. My bf loves shopping more than me and I usually just follow him around hehe. Enjoy your HLS! Jealous!

    Rita: Oh that’s so weird, most people either love it or hate it!! Honeymoon Desserts is great but if he loves durian, get him to go to Tim Yee Yee in Tin Hau for the ULTIMATE durian dessert!

  5. I call HLS as the ‘mango dessert place’! Now I would support your campaign for them to open in Sydney but not until Din Tai Fung opens in London first!

  6. I may given Durian a try in Singapore if I’m feeling up to the challenge (I do like grass jelly though – yay me)! Love that you got your foodie hit before you even left the airport, priceless.

  7. Hey Catty, are you still in Hong Kong? Can I please urge you to go to one of the ‘Modern Toilet’ restaurants. I have been to both of them in Hong Kong and there is just no other place like them. (They also have some really good desserts) There is one in Causeway Bay and also one in Mong Kok. The one in Mong Kok is better though. Everything is bathroom themed, even the food. You will love it.

  8. WTF? Didn’t realise they opened a Hui Lau Shan at the airport! Now I have to wait another 11 months! Haha

  9. Ooohh I love Asian desserts too! Anything with sago and coconut ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mr Noodles: Haha I really don’t see why DTF doesnt open in London. They’d make a killing! Maybe you should reach out to them and offer to run the franchise!!

    Miss Piggy: Oh do it! But be warned you might gag.. I’ve seen it happen hehe. But who knows you might love it too!!

    Sean: Sadly I was only there for three days, but I have heard about those Toilet places before, might check it out next time!!

    Suety: Yep!!! Downstairs at arrivals ๐Ÿ˜€

    jenny: Yes me too. Though I also love a good non-Asian ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’ll be there in a couple of months and I’m already looking forward to Honeymoon Dessert and my favorite dessert tofu place. Our family always think I’m kidding when I suggest we go there every night, even after very very large meals!

  12. You make me miss HK SOOO much. Honeymoon desserts is usually my evening hit and hui lau shan is anytime hit. LOL HK is just food filled ecstasy for me.

    I’m a big fan of black sesame + matcha ice cream at honeymooon. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I got deterred away from timyeeyee everytime i go back, apparently within my circle of family, it’s not that great apparently. :/

  13. Average Traveller: Hahaa I would absolutely go there even after a big meal! Especially for tofu desserts, they dont take up space ๐Ÿ˜‰

    yinnie: I only go to Tim Yee Yee for the ultimate durian dessert so I actually have no idea what the other desserts are like! I guess the place itself is not as nice as Honeymoon, but still, THAT DURIAN dessert!!

  14. I can either take or leave durian, but the desserts look awesome.

  15. Ahhhhh WANT! Must must MUST go to HK again soon – when I went a few years ago I did not know of the existence of Hui Lau Shan. You have taught me so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Just back from Thailand, Durian is my new best friend

  17. The drinks here are pretty bizarre for my tastes, but fun to discover. I only discovered this chain on my last trip to HK ๐Ÿ™‚

    • True, it’s definitely different if you’re not used to these asian style desserts. but I think they’re great!! ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you get to try more!

  18. We have been in love ever since we visited HK and discovered HLS. We found out that they also have one in LA. Its so good. Its not too hard to make at home if you have a nice blender.

  19. I am referring the jelly, coconut,mango drink. My favorite. Probably making it tonight.

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