Third last burger of my Airtasker burger run took me to BenBry Burgers in Manly last night. I was particularly looking forward to this because I hadn’t been to BenBry before and it’s been on my hit list for an eternity. Or about nine months, if you’re really counting. I’d read countless great reviews about this hole-in-the-wall burger joint so my Sunday night was bound to be filled with deliciousness.


Well, when the burger first came out, I said to Panu “oh noooo, look at the unmelty cheese”. Le sigh. Because look, see the unmelty cheese? My heart dropped. I took a couple of bites anyway and despite the unmelty cheese, the burger surprised me with each flavourful bite. The patty was perfectly cooked, the salad (which I normally deem unnecessary) actually tasted great and the aioli, ah, I think that’s the secret ingredient.

We also had some fries and if you get fries at BenBry? Try the wasabi mayo. Oh My God Delicious.

The damage. BenBry burger with cheddar = $8.50. Chips and water combo = $6. A pretty darn good meal for $14.50!

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BenBry Burgers
5 Sydney Road
Manly, NSW, 2095
(02) 9977 6055

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3 Thoughts on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 8: BenBry Burgers

  1. I think Wasabi Mayo is one of the best types of mayos you can get 🙂

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