Day 2 of my Airtasker Burger Run and I am still going strong! (Ask me again in about 8 days). Número dos saw Panu and I at Grill’d, Darlinghurst – but I prefer to think of it as Surry Hills, because (a) it’s on Crown Street and (b) there’s another Grill’d in Darlinghurst so, you know, much confusion. So, Grill’d Surry Hills.

I’d been to Grill’d in Darlinghurst before and it really didn’t knock my socks off. Too dry, something about “healthy low fat patties” – what? Low fat patties? Anyway, I didn’t expect much from this visit but I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious patty and very delicious relish, all served on a soft wholemeal blend bun.

The patty was great, the beef was juicy and the only complaint I might have (if you can call it that) is the masses of salad which kept me from my patty (it took me five bites to get to the meat!). Another minor complaint is the use of the herbed mayo in the burger. I like herbs, I do, but I don’t understand some people’s need to herb everything – from the perfectly fine mayo to the chips (and the dip) but hey. Again, good? Yes. Great? No, I wouldn’t have the urge to come back again.

The damage? Simply Grill’d burger plus cheese = $10.50. Snack chips plus dip = $4.20. Bottled water = $3. A meal for $17.70.

Oh, and Grill’d has a no blogging/tweeting/instagramming/facebooking generally NO FUN policy. But whateverz, I tweeted and instagrammed and photographed my butt off over my burger 🙂

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241 Crown Street,
Darlinghurst, 2010
(02) 9380 4800

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15 Thoughts on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 2: Grill’d

  1. I’ve not heard the best about their burgers and to be honest, the whole no Tweeting, blogging, etc is a bit of a put off

  2. Maylin on May 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm said:

    the no blogging/tweeting thing doesn’t make sense!? aren’t you providing them with free advertising? they should be paying you to blog about them!

  3. Nic: I totally agree with you! It’s like they are trying to be funny.. but it’s not funny.

    Maylin: Panu was saying the same thing. If you’re proud of your product you should be happy for people to share it as widely as possible, right?

  4. i don’t understand how blogging/tweeting etc is disrespecting the other customers? they’re definitely alienating alot of ppl like this. even i feel insulted!

  5. What gorgeous pics you took of the food. Looks insanely delicious!

  6. Yes, and absolutely no talking, smiling, eye contact. Respect the restaurant at all times and worship the food…. Pu-leaze! This is a burger joint right? Bit of an issue of high horses, or maybe they got grumpy after a bad review. And honestly, you can’t tell people not to blog, it’s like banning people from talking about your diner, sorry, hallowed temple of gastronomy. Pfffffffff.

    Anyhow, the burger looks ok, sounds ok and I guess for ten bucks isn’t too bad value. Not sure what I think about the salad overload. Not sure there is much to be gained by pretending burger ‘n’ chips is in any way healthy. The joy of a good juicy pattie is in its celebration of gluttony and wickedness. Or maybe that’s just my sinful nature?

  7. Hehe you are so defiant Catty! I find Grill’d burgers quite dry too and not quite as exciting as others do.

  8. I know this post is about burgers, but nice shot of the engagement ring! Nice.

  9. I saw a Grill’d poster out in Perth and snapped a picture of it because it was so obnoxious – the whole pseudo WE HATE FOODIES thing made my eyes roll. Will tweet you the pic.

  10. How about adding ‘No Grammar’ to their list – the use of the apostrophe in Grill’d is shocking. Nice burger, but talk about being uptight about the 21st century. Jeez, I always Aussies were chilled out.

  11. mc: I know, it’s stupid. they are trying to be funny and non-offensive but I think it does offend some people.

    love2dine: thanks! it was ok!

    Grubworm: I know!! If you’re out to eat a burger you’re not after something “healthy” anyways. And I agree with you – who are they to tell people not to tweet?

    Lorraine: Agree.

    Miss Piggy: Hehe thanks 😀

    Charmaine: To say no tweeting etc is one thing but to say WE HATE FOODIES is another. How ironic for a food company to hate foodies huh.

    Mr Noodles: Lol. I know, sorry – they are a bad representation of us chilled out Aussies 😉

  12. Um, Cravats?

    I like this series. Glad they chose you.
    And I agree with Miss Piggy – nice pic of the ring!! 😀
    Congrats again!!

    p.s. You and Panu need to come to Seattle for a visit!

  13. surprised they let you take pics!

  14. What the…that’s so stupid… I don’t think we have a no blogging policy here in Melb but honestly that’s quite stupid and rude…why can’t we ‘Facebook’ or ‘Instagram’ it’s our freedom grrrr i don’t like places that are so uptight! But i do like their burgers at Grill’d nothing too fantastic but a nicer and more decent burger compared to Maccas and other fastfood chains hehe 🙂

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