About three weeks ago, my friend Martin tweeted me a link, suggesting it was something I might like to do. I clicked on the link and thought, huh, someone’s trying to find a good burger in Sydney? Sure I’ll bid for the task! 🙂 Well, lo and behold, ’twas Martin who put me onto the Airtasker burger run and to thank him, I took him out to have the most prestigious burger in all of Sydney, the Rockpool Bar & Grill wagyu burger.

Rockpool’s burger is a funny one. It creates some cultural unease in me. It’s not that it’s a bad burger – the problem is, it’s a damn good burger – but at $24 a pop? The stingy Chinese person in me cringes as place my order and try not to think about how many packs of indomie I could have for $24 (35.29 packs, if you’re wondering).

The brioche buns are perfectly soft and spongy, the thick patty is exquisite and a perfect medium rare. The onion relish is sweet, and the zucchini, which I still find a little odd, they all come together in perfect gastronomous harmony. But still, it’s $24 for the burger and $12 for hand cut chips (or shoe string fries). With a 1L bottle of still water at $9.50, this meal comes in at $45.50!

To (sort of) quote John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, “God damn it’s a pretty f**king good (burger). I don’t know if it’s worth (twenty-four) dollars but it’s pretty f**king good.”

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did wear my Airtasker t-shirt, even in Rockpool.

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Rockpool Bar & Grill
66 Hunter Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
(02) 8078 1900

Rockpool Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

9 Thoughts on “the Airtasker 10 day Burger Run! Day 9: Rockpool Bar & Grill

  1. So that’s what the burger looked like! It was so dark in there, I could have been eating pizza for all I knew … and good of you to introduce the kiddies to all the glory that is Pulp Fiction.

  2. i would have to agree with you on the price for the burger. 😛 but it does look really delicious!

  3. LOL you’re hilarious but yes $24 for a burger or any sort of fast food and it really has to be a good version of it which it is 🙂

  4. LOL, only 35.29 packs of noodles for $24.

  5. Ive been waiting for you to hit up rockpool!
    Glad to know its really good, I’ve been wanting to go for the burger for a while!
    One more say to go and you’re done! 🙂

  6. maungle: Hahaha yes, black out! Well, you know, kids these days need to be desensitised a little 😉

    Melissa: It was delicious. And expensive! It’s also not just the burger but… $12 for chips?!

    Lorraine: Yes, in the end it’s still fast food, right?

    Miss Piggy: Oh thinking about that hurts! So many packs of noodles!

    tastyfoodsnaps: You should definitely go, at least once 🙂

  7. i still haven’t tried their burger as i didn’t realise it was a bar-only menu item but at $24 a pop it’s quite pricey ><

  8. This has been on my hit list for ages. $24 though!!

  9. I’ve been meaning to try the burger at Rockpool Bar and grill in Melbourne too but still haven’t had the chance 🙂 But i know someone who works in there and he actually makes the brioche buns hehe

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