Believe it or not, there is something in this world better than birthday and Christmas presents. Yes sirree, there is. And that is birthday and Christmas presents that arrive early, or even better, those that arrive late, because there’s nothing more awesome than thinking the fun is all over, and voilà! Present!


Well, a few weeks ago, a super early Christmas present landed on my doorstep, completely unexpected – in more ways than one. Nestlé generously decided to give me one of their brand new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio machines to have and keep and call my own and I was surprised because:

  1. Well, I didn’t expect it and…
  2. I’m not sure if they even knew this but… I don’t drink coffee.
But alas, this adorable little penguin lookalike showed up at my doorstep, complete with a selection of pods, and wriggled his way into our lives.

The coffee machine debate…

Having a coffee machine has been a contentious issue in our household for a while. Panu loves his daily coffee and has been wanting to invest in a Nespresso for some time, but I begrudgingly argue that (a) I won’t use it but (b) it sure would take up a hell of a lot of my valuable kitchen bench space. And the issue is shelved for another week or so.

I mean, you guys feel me right? I don’t drink coffee, why would I want a coffee machine? Unless it did chai lattes or something. Because those, I adore.

Well, Nestlé read my mind and designed this new range of machines which focus on “café style” drinks, as opposed to specialise coffees. Sure they have the usual suspects: espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café au lait… but in addition, they now also do hot chocolate, iced cappuccino (yes, these machines do iced drinks), iced tea and… chai latte!

Look how happy I was when I received my chai latte pods 🙂

Super simple, super delicious

A lot of people have asked me if the coffee is any good, if it rates against the Nespresso and against real café coffees. Well, I don’t know because I don’t think coffee. But Panu (who drinks a long black – Americano – with a dash of milk) has said it’s fantastic and he really is enjoying having his coffee at home every day.

As for my flavours? The hot chocolate is rich and creamy and the chai – which I was worried would be too sweet – is actually perfect. I’m yet to try an iced tea, and I hear that in Asia, they sell matcha latte pods! I’m all over it and have contacts in Singapore sending me some 😉

Another great thing about the Dolce Gusto range is it’s incredibly easy to use. Each drink not only comes with its pod, it also has a milk pod, so there’s no need to froth fresh milk (or even have any on hand). The machine manages to heat milk just fine and I still haven’t quite worked this out, but it also froths the milk.

Super fricking easy.


The Genio  saved our relationship

To say the Genio has saved our relationship is probably exaggerating. But it sure has made the coffee machine debate go away 🙂 we now enjoy our relaxed weekend mornings, not rushing out to get coffee because we can get it at home! And while he sips on his Americano, I enjoy my little piece of chai latte heaven.

Thank you, Nestlé.

ps. also, the Genio is so cute and tiny it doesn’t take up much kitchen bench space at all! Win!

hot chocolate and chai latte in my Bodum glasses which I LOVE

You can purchase the Dulce Gusto machines, pods and accessories online, or at a huge number of stockists like Coles, Target, Myer or Harvey Norman. Make someone’s Christmas super special, or better yet, surprise them now!

10 Thoughts on “Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio: the coffee machine that saved my relationship

  1. well, you may have just given me a Christmas present idea…although I am not sure if my BF would be as excited as i would.. (?). Which model did you get?

  2. Ooooh I cant wait for mine 🙂 I was actually looking at the Bodum glass yesterday. You think they’re worth grabbing? I had them in my hand walking around for ages but then put them back 🙁

  3. Hahah great story Catty. We have a nespresso machine and love it. this is very cute though!

  4. Caviar girl: I got the Genio, there are quite a few models but I love this one. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, small and super cute!

    Nic: well, I like that it has the two layers so I can drink hot drinks and teas without burning my hands! On the flip side they don’t keep your hands warm in winter haha. but they are super cool 😉

    jenny: Isn’t it just? a little penguin!

  5. Hehe it does look like a penguin! 😛

  6. YAY 🙂 so happy for you hehe I love my Nesepresso and it definitely helped my relationship too ~

    But wow I’m jealous! It does chai tea latte!??! Ours only does espresso 🙁 now I want one too hehe

  7. Lorraine: It does, doesn’t it? Super cute. Makes it even more fun to use!

    Daisy: YES chai!! I love it!

  8. Completely true! I love my Dolce Gusto genius! I start every single day with it and I wouldn´t change it for anything! Indeed, a very good Christmas gift idea for a friend 🙂

  9. Catty, how much did you pay for the matcha latte from singapore? i see on ebay from japan they are $30 a box. If it’s cheaper in Singapore i’ll contact my friend.

    • Fellow Catty! 🙂 I haven’t received it from my friend yet so not sure. I’m more concerned about the postage price than the cost of the pods!

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