Hurricane’s Grill. There isn’t much I need to say about it except that in my very humble opinion, they do The Best Ribs In The Entire Universe. I thought they were the best from the first time I tried them (about a decade ago when they were only at Bondi). I’ve since tried ribs all over the world – and yep, they’re still the best. So why haven’t I blogged about them before?

Well, my hands were always too sauced up to take photos, obviously.

But I figured it was about time to share the love, given that I send all my friends there, local or otherwise and everyone concurs that it’s delicious. The meat is so tender it falls off the bone, the sauce is sweet and savoury and literally finger lickin’ good. So good, in fact, that you don’t care if it’s all over your hands and in my case, my face. They even give you a bib so you can make as big a mess as you please.

A word of advice: when you go to Hurricane’s, don’t be swayed by the other menu items. Just order the ribs. Pork ribs, to be precise and your only decision is whether to have a half rack or a full rack. The photo above is a half rack. I used to be able to do a full rack (which is about 50% larger than the half) but I’ve become a little soft in my old age and a half rack pretty much guarantees meat sweats for 36 hours on its own.

Oh, I lie. You also have to decide if you want fries, mash or a baked tater.

But if you don’t believe me and feel inclined to order something else, don’t worry, you can still get the ribs. Hurricane’s does combos like steak & ribs or chicken & ribs, where you get a smaller portion of each. But take it from me, just order the bloody ribs.

You can, however, get a selection of starters. None of them are mind-bogglingly awesome though, so you know, you can always just skip straight to the ribs 😉

boerewors – traditional South African beef sausage, mildly spiced and served
with mashed potato and Spanish Sauce

salt & pepper calamari – lightly seasoned and served with rocket and aioli

scallops from Coffin Bay SA, flash grilled and served with cauliflower puree and peri peri vinaigrette

garlic prawns cooked with garlic butter, olive oil and fresh garlic

garlic mushrooms prepared with fresh garlic, olive oil and garlic butter

No one really ever orders anything else but the ribs for their main, but Panu ordered a rib eye the last time we went. He said it was pretty good but you should have seen him ogling my ribs. No way, José.

rib eye (350gm) a.k.a. scotch fillet, is a boneless cut of prime rib, richly marbled, succulent and juicy 

So there you have it. I’ve since been told to check out Blue Plate in Neutral Bay. I don’t normally take recommendations seriously (I mean, why seek out anything else when you already have perfection?) but this came from my colleague Dave, who is a seasoned rib-eater so I think we might just have to make an exception.

ps. always book at Hurricane’s, even for a 6pm seating. Just saying.

Hurricane’s Grill
Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, 2000
(02) 9211 2210

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9 Thoughts on “go to Hurricane’s. order the ribs.

  1. Richard Madison on December 5, 2012 at 12:08 am said:

    Looks fantastic I loves me some ribs… but those scallops man oh man!

  2. I’ve been to the Bondi original! And OMG, it was 1999 when I went! If memeory serves, the Portuguese piri-piri chicken is pretty good too.

  3. That all looks so good, the ribs and the prawns would be where I’d gravitate!

  4. mmm hurricanes is the best!

  5. I’ve still NOT been here despite having it on my ‘eat list’ for about 2 years. I’ll take your advice and go straight for the ribs.

  6. Richard: oh yeah the scallops were nice.. but nothing beats the ribs 😉

    Mr Noodles: Lucky they didn’t serve beetroot with it 😉 I’ve never tried the piri-piri chicken and in all honesty, I don’t think I will!

    Clare: At least you have ribs in there!

    chocolatesuze: amen!!!

    Miss Piggy: really? OMG you have to go, man. I reckon you would love it.

  7. OMG everything looks SUPER AWESOME those ribs, the steak EVERYTHING 😛

  8. The ribs are enormous and so nice and saucy. Blue Plate is great! It started as South restaurant and they opened up BP after. I used to bake their pies for South! Yep a Southern belle via Australia 😉

  9. I LOVE THE RIBS AT HURRICANE’S. They’re a recommendation from my partner, whose folks live down in Aussie. Am not a ribs person but boy did I pack away a lot that day. And the boerewors – I’d have loved to try that! I completely missed seeing everything on the menu since we knew we weren’t able to eat THAT much. Good calamari too though.

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