If you ask my friend Samantha, she’ll tell you that I don’t need to have Philly cheesesteaks anywhere in the world ever now, because I’ve had the original, the best, the ONLY one worth having. Well, that logic sort of makes sense, except for when I’m not actually in Philadelphia and I still want to eat a good cheesesteak.

Enter Shorty’s. A sports bar cum cheesesteak house in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen district, Shorty’s supposedly makes the only authentic cheesesteak in NYC. I’m sure that’s open for discussion but all I can say is that yes, it’s pretty darn good.

This post isn’t about showing the variety of food at Shorty’s – sorry – because Panu and I both had a cheesesteak each, wit Whiz, for those of you really playing the game.

Oh, the Italian fries are pretty damn good too.

576 9th Avenue (between 41st and 42nd)
Hell’s Kitchen, NYC
+1 212 967 3055

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7 Thoughts on “Shorty’s NYC: authentic Philly cheesesteaks

  1. Okay I’m glad that I’m just about to go out for dinner because those fries made me so hungry! What’s on them? Is it parmesan? 😮

  2. Oh, I fell in love with cheesesteak when I visited Philly two years ago. So glad I can find good ones in Hells Kitchen now, I’ve tasted so many bad ones in NYC truck food… Keep on the great reviews !

  3. anth on March 6, 2013 at 2:16 pm said:

    sports bar cum ay

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