I had to go to the post office today. I work from home and yet Every. Single. Time. we receive a parcel, it comes in the form of a “sorry we missed you” card and “oh hey, please now go out of your own way to pick it up from the post office”. Do you think, maybe, just maybe, the postman didn’t even try buzz me?

I think… definitely.

I was so unimpressed with Australia Post’s service today that if it had not been for the fact that I had to go to the post office; and so I had to walk past some dodgy sushi shop on the way back; and so I don’t even know why but I popped in to see what they had on offer; and I bought a pack of seaweed; and I decided to mix it with my quinoa today; and holy shit it TASTED SO GOOD!

If it had not been for all that, I would be really pissed at Australia Post.

So lucky them, they’ve escaped unscathed today.

Oh wait, except for the fact that they actually gave me someone else’s parcel and it was only because I checked the name (not mine) and address (also not mine) that I didn’t go home and rip open someone else’s parcel. Not good going, Oz Post!

Anyway, vented…

9 Thoughts on “bite sized: quinoa and seaweed and a vent at Australia Post

  1. That happens to me too EVERY TIME! They never buzz just leave a card behind with barely a name and part of our address written on it. I’ve even complained but nothing has changed. It’s so annoying!!

    PS. Love your salad πŸ˜‰

    • If I’m expecting something big (which I don’t want to lug back from the post office) I actually stick a post-it note on my mailbox which says “I’M HOME! BUZZ ME!” .. they are hopeless (and lazy)!

  2. What did you buy??! πŸ˜€

  3. OMG it happens to me too!!! I work from home a lot as well but stilllllll they never seem to be able to ‘deliver’ it to me πŸ™

    I’m always jealous of your delicious and healthy lunches at home ~ I’m super lazy and not talented enough to make it hahahah

  4. Hah, so it’s not just the Royal Mail that’s shit then? That sort of thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. And don;t get me started on the Post Office’s “redirection” service. Pffffft. Thank goodness for the seaweed, hey?

  5. haha i think people hate cityrail and austpost just as much, some woman at my local austpost actually sent my parcel back to where it came from because she said the address wasnt spelt clearly enough for her to read and on the record it says failed to deliever twice so it took me another 2 months and $60 postage to get the parcel back to me.

    ps love the bite size quinoa and seaweed!

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