Usually when somebody points you in the direction of a bar that sells food – all their food – for $4.95, you kind of expect (a) rubbish food (b) rubbish service (c) probably cheap drinks (d) all of the above. We went to El Furniture Warehouse (or “El Furny”) on a rec from a local, and really didn’t expect anything great.

Well, you know the awesome thing about low expectations? When it turns out good, you’re blown away.

El Furny is a fantastic little place in Whistler Village. The staff are hilarious and friendly, the drinks are great and the food? It is pretty damn good for $4.95. It’d even be good even if it was more than $4.95.

We went twice during our week in Whistler (which feels like a decade ago now, sad me) and really, I could have gone back more. The menu is a decent size, loaded with scrumptious things, and they put on specials like on Wednesdays when you can get 25c wings! 25c! I ate 20 honey garlic wings for dinner that night.

The first night we went, I had nachos, with extra beef chilli (which I think was an extra $1,50). I love my nachos, and consume copious amounts. Usually they get soggy on the bottom but these ones? Nope. Crunchy all the way.

Panu had burgers both nights… but I can’t remember what they were called. I know the top one was his favourite, and the one below was rated second. The one below has jalapeños in it. That’s all I remember, sorry!

We also had yam fries (sweet potato fries). Because everything is $4.95, the starters and sides are all massive, because basically, everything is the size of a main. Not complaining.

For dessert,  I couldn’t go past the deep fried apple pie. OMG YUM. I want to say it’s like a McDonald’s apple pie but a squillion times better, but I know even that would be an insult. Chunky apple, wrapped in pastry, fried. Hell yes.

We had a couple of “nice” meals in Whistler but I would rather go to El Furny pretty much every night. Sit at the bar and the bar tenders will strike up a great conversation with you. The music is great, there are tvs (showing well, winter sports) if you’re just there to chill out on your own. The $4.95 food sounds like a gimmick but honestly, I think it can hold its own better than a few other places in town!

El Furniture Warehouse
24/4314 Main Street
Whistler Village
Canada, V0N 1B4
+1 604 962 8848

5 Thoughts on “$4.95 meals @ El Furniture Warehouse, Whistler

  1. This place sounds fantastic! And haha, love the name of it too.

  2. Looks delicious! Sometimes a ‘nice’ or ‘fancy’ meal isn’t necessary and these simpler ones are waaaay better!

  3. WOW that’s amazing for only $4.95!!! I wish we had decent $4.95 meals here in Melbourne too 🙂

  4. $4.95! What a deal! and the food looks great!

  5. Su-Lin: it was my favourite place in Whistler!!

    Clare: I agree, I’m much more of a street food gal than a fancy gal. But I guess sometimes fancy is also fun heheh.

    Daisy: I know. In Sydney too! Although we do have an Asian food court in the city that does really cheap food haha.

    jenny: I KNOW and it WAS!

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