I’ve been contemplating my blog lately. Not contemplating it in the sense of what should I blog but – and I can’t really believe I’m saying blogging this out loud – should I be blogging at all? I know, this crazy inkling of an idea planted itself in my head and it’s been all but consuming my bloggery thoughts, believe it or not, for the past several months.

I feel like I’m busy. Busy with all the things that I can’t put my finger on, but the evidence is in my posts, which have waned in the past year. Maybe it’s being back in Oz, and not having as many places to blog about. Maybe it’s my job old age, which keeps me from going out as often. Maybe, it’s just me.

Maybe it’s not that I should stop blogging… because aside from contorting myself into a pretzel at yoga, this is the best outlet I have for stress relief. Maybe I just need to… I don’t know what.

So many maybes! I think I shall just keep on contemplating.

In the meantime, I hope all you celebrated Chinese New Year with much deliciousness! Panu and I stayed in for a low key celebration, making our own little yee sang to toss about. Don’t worry if you missed out on celebrating on the weekend – the goodness of Chinese New Year goes on for two whole weeks, so you have plenty of time to get some good suckling pig into that belly!

11 Thoughts on “Gong xi fa cai! New year contemplations..

  1. I know what you mean… Especially with Instagram I just feel like that’s sort of taking over the whole blogging thing. I say keep going as long as it’s not a chore but something you enjoy doing πŸ™‚ x

    • I know. I think I either have to maybe have a “break” or go the other way and challenge myself to blog every day or something like that. I need to shake it up!

  2. I really like your blog Catty – esp your overseas posts. You live in a pretty good area, there are heaps of places to blog about, but your Instagram updates are pretty cool too. Maybe you need a break…I sure know i feel like one.

  3. I hope you find a happy medium or the right fit for you πŸ˜€ A break is a perfectly normal thing to have!

  4. Awww for the record, Catty, I really like you blog and have liked it since you were in London. Take a break if you need to, but you’ll be missed!

  5. Miss Piggy & jenny: awww you guys are sweet. Sorry, I didn’t write this post to have people tell me they like my blog. But thank you anyway!! and Miss Piggy, maybe it’s not the lack of places to eat but lack of inspiration!

    Lorraine: a break; a change; is as good as a holiday they say. Hm. I’d rather a real holiday πŸ˜‰

  6. Awww please don’t stop blogging πŸ™‚ You’re one of the reasons why I started my blog! I think you just need to have a break and then come back refreshed! Happy Chinese New Year!

  7. Hey – i’m a bit late coming to this post because, well… I’ve been having those same thoughts and os my blog writing (and reading) has been much reduced. Altho don;t worry, you;re one of about five blogs I’ve kept on my new feed-reader. I’m still a loyal reader even if i don’t comment so much.

    I feel what you’re saying. For me, it’s crystalised into what I blog. I know I enjoy it, but – to be totally honest – i’ve got a bit bored with the whole anecdote-recipe thing. And I think it shows in those I’m writing. It’s been the same with Twitter. And hey, I went the whole hog and deleted my Instagram account. Drastic action indeed. I’ve decided to only blog when I really want to from here on in.

    So I can’t offer any solutions, only some encouragement to keep it up (if you want to) because it’s fun to read. And I think periods of reflection and somtimes a blog break are good things.

    • I didn’t realise you closed your Insta account! Oh NOES! Yeah I don’t really tweet as often as I used to either but I still love reading my stream though!

      • I know – it was a combination of being a time sink and also those new terms and conditions made me not trust them. Am back on Flickr again – it was my first photo love waaaaaaaay back in the day. And their app is great.

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