Last weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. Don’t they always? On Saturday morning, we brunched at BangBang Espresso Bar & Cafe, a cute little place perched high atop the Reservoir Street hill in Surry Hills, a hill I’m all too familiar with trudging. But yet, I’d never actually been in BangBang and wow, my life is that much better now that I have.

The bacon and egg sandwich, served with relish and on the most delicious squidgy-soft sourdough, completely brightened my wet morning, which made all the difference as we sat outside during the downpour and managed to get drenched with the splatter of raindrops from basically, every angle possible.

Panu’s green eggs & ham, while less green than the usual dose of green in this dish was also fantabulous. More omelette than scramble but really, if it tastes good, what’s the difference?

Saturday weather needs a little disciplining, I think. The past couple have been torrential and yet, oh hi Monday, it’s all blue skies and birds chirping again. What’s up with that?

BangBang Espresso Bar & Cafe
113 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
(02) 9281 0018

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4 Thoughts on “rainy morning breakfast @ BangBang Espresso Bar & Cafe

  1. Yeah, what IS up with the Sydney weather?! Though that doesn’t deter from awesome breakfasts like the one you look like you had 😀

  2. LOL love the name of this cafe 🙂 So cute hehe Bang Bang hehe I’m obsessed with omelettes lately so would definitely get the green eggs and ham 🙂 The weather is so different here in Melbourne so much sun…too much of it 🙁 HATE IT lol

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