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It’s Friday, what’s not to be happy about?

This week marked the first week of ‘real life’, as I’m coining it. Maternity leave wasn’t real life. Panu on paternity leave wasn’t real life (that was awesome life, actually) and even after Panu went back to work, having a nanny all week wasn’t really real life. This week, Sam started his combination of nanny / childcare. This is what it will be for the foreseeable future, so this is for all intents and purposes, our real life for now.

It’s been great. I love Sam’s nanny. I also love his childcare centre. He loves his nanny. He’s not entirely sure about the childcare yet. But give him a couple of weeks and I’m sure he’ll get right into it.

Being a full time working mum is Damn Hard Work, and especially in my role where I work evenings. My weekdays start at 6am (6.30am if I’m lucky) and it’s non-stop morning mummy duties and then work, and then evening mummy duties and then work until about 11pm most nights. I feel like I have no time to myself until the weekend, which I loooooong for all week and usually it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

But! It’s the weekend now! So cherish every moment you get to spend with your favourite people, big or small, furry or not. I know I will.

2 Thoughts on “motherhood | real life

  1. You are doing a fabulous job! I have no idea how you can fit all that into a week! My maternity leave is officially coming to an end this week where I will be back to work part-time for 3-3.5 days a week (I’ve been working 1-2 days for a few months to ease myself back in) and I hope to survive just like you 😛
    P.S. Sam is super cute…but you know that already 😀

  2. I am absolutely grateful that I have been able to return to work part-time, and that grandma-care is an available option for Mini-human. But I totally get what you mean by the go-go-go nature of working and motherhood!

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