I can hardly believe it’s Christmas again! We spend all year longing for December, for the break, the festivities. Those of us in the southern hemisphere for the beach frenzy, our northern counterparts for the winter solstice so your days start getting longer once again. We all look forward to something at Christmas time, maybe not all the same thing. But one thing we do all have in common is the anticipation of eating, of wearing our Christmas coloured stretchy everything, and the left overs which will feed us for days to come.

Ah Christmas, it’s a great time of the year, isn’t it?

This Christmas I feel particularly blessed. The horrors of the world – and especially the recent siege in Sydney – makes you realise how precious family is. So if you have a toddler who’s whinging and crying and clinging to you like the little assholes that they can be, just pause for a moment and appreciate that you have somebody who loves you and wants to cling to only you with their chubby little hands. Don’t take it for granted. Life is precious and everything can be changed ever so quickly, on the most normal of days, in the most normal of places.

So I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Eat up, pass out, do it again the next day 🙂

My failproof pavlova recipe can be found here.

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