lamb rack and braised shoulder

lamb rack and braised shoulder, spiced carrot puree, baby spinach,
pine nuts, herb crust, asparagus

I’ve never been this delayed in writing a post. It’s been 2.5 months since our Townsville trip and I’d all but forgotten about our dinner out at Seasoned, that is until I was scrolling through my camera roll and it’s like HOLDUPAMINUTE. That. That lamb. Holy heck, that lamb was delicious. And so 2.5 months later, here it is in all its glory.

Panu, me, my brother and his wife had a child-free evening and so we wanted to eat out, the emphasis on eat. We all had three courses, plus three sides, for no other reason than because we could actually finish a full meal at our own pace and not be feeding, chasing, entertaining or holding a little human being. It was utter luxury.

oxtail tortellini

oxtail tortellini, crispy shallots, roasted walnut, fried kale and watercress

soft shelled crab

soft shell crab, semi dried tomatoes, roquette, grana padano, lime & chilli emulsion

confit pork belly

confit pork belly, apple and celery salad, fig jam, jus

sticky pork belly

sticky pork belly, honey and chilli glaze

Entrees were divine, especially my sticky pork belly. We were raring to go for main but sadly the slow service lended a negative vibe to the night. Not cool when you had full view of the kitchen, and staff were certainly not bustling about trying to get the food out. But luckily, when the food did come, it was all squeeeee-licious.

atlantic salmon

atlantic salmon roulade, bok choy, soba noodles, bug meat, asian salad, nam jim dressing

duck breast

duck breast, braised cabbage, kale, salsify spiced blackberry glaze and jus


venison fillet wrapped in kangaroo prosciutto, chestnut puree, baby beets,
heirloom carrots, 
puffed rice, balsamic and beetroot jus

To help combat the painfully slow service, we ordered dessert while eating our mains. This is how the professionals do it, yo.

white chocolate ice cream

white chocolate ice cream, chocolate soil, raspberry gel and fresh berries

chocolate petit fours

chocolate petit fours, lemon myrtle truffle, warm chocolate cookie, american brownie,
peppermint bon bon, crispy chocolate sticks with patron coffee foam

berry textures plate

berry textures plate, french meringue, black berry sweet and sour jelly,
raspberry champagne, strawberry gel

pina colada

pina colada, coconut bavarois, malibu marshmallow, crisp pineapple, compote

Granted this post has already given you RSI because So. Many. Photos. I think I’ll just round it up now. Our experience was simple: food was awesome, service was mediocre, price was good – although now I recall they mixed up our bill and it looked as though it was amazingly cheap! And then it wasn’t. But still, it was more than reasonable.

13 Palmer Street
Townsville Qld 4810
(07) 4724 5866

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  1. Seems you enjoyed the offerings at the restaurant in townsville. For food enthusiasts, the city is just perfect to try different cuisines.

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