Update 5 Aug: And look who arrived on 2 August? Little Miss Sofia. Both my kids just couldn’t wait to get out of me!

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today. 37 weeks “gestation”, a term that I’m still not used to. I’m sitting in my obstetrician’s office as I type this, a weekly occurrence now between 36 weeks and when-life-goes-cray-cray.

37 weeks may not be all that interesting to anyone else, but it’s significant to me. Because Sam decided to come right on 37 weeks on the dot.

This pregnancy has flown. And I truly hope this isn’t an indication of how my second-born will be treated but I haven’t counted weeks, haven’t read my apps, and taken only two (!) bump photos. Last time’s stats were: daily, daily, daily (almost). Yeah.

But what’s refreshing is that I’ve actually enjoyed this pregnancy. The cliché that ‘every pregnancy is different’ is true. My first pregnancy was plagued with issues, from chronic vomiting to swelling so bad it was almost comical (I went up two shoe sizes), to carpal tunnel, snoring, swelling of vessels in my eyes so bad I had to get glasses. Oh and then my pelvis went out of alignment and I couldn’t walk for three months. The joys.

This time? I’m still wearing my rings! I’m still walking waddling! I do have sciatica and I get leg cramps and until yesterday I was pretty happy but now I have some wicked back pain. But in comparison, this pregnancy has been sweet, a huge blessing because whereas last time I just sat and got fat, this time I’ve been able to continue physically engaging with Sam so he doesn’t start to despise the baby before she’s even born.

So anyway, 37 weeks today. 11pm at 37 weeks my waters broke last time round. So let’s see what’s on the cards at 11 tonight. I’m hoping that I’ll be fast asleep, or at least indulging in an episode of Orange Is The New Black.

Panu asked me yesterday if I’m excited about what’s coming. Truth is (and I sound crazy saying this) but I’m really looking forward to the birth. As painful as it will be, I know what I’m in for. I’m equally more scared and less scared because of this fact but regardless I know what to expect and I also know it’s my last time doing this (no #3) so I’m going to try to not only enjoy it but really appreciate the miracle of what is happening.

I’m also excited about the first couple of days. Those were foggy at best last time. This time I want to appreciate them.  Also looking forward to the first couple of weeks with Panu home.

I’m not looking forward to when he goes back to work. I have no idea what to do with two kids. I have no clue how my mornings and evenings will work. Everyone says things will just work themselves out so here I am putting all my faith in the universe and asking it ever so kindly to help me maintain my sanity, some semblance of a sense of humour and keep the grey hairs and wrinkles at bay.

2 Thoughts on “pregnancy | 37 weeks

  1. Oh the unrealised foresight of this post. Congrats on your new addition – so keen to see the world it was a guaranteed early arrival 😀

  2. Congrats Hun, can’t wait to meet her! Take care xoxo

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