Sofi 6 months

Guess who’s nine months old today? ARGHHHHHH. Impossible! I was meant to start back at work today. I’d only intended to take nine months off but I’ve extended it one more month because you guys… look at her face! How can I not want to spend every day (albeit unpaid, I’m broke, I eat plain Cruskits for lunch kind of days) of my life with her? I posted on Instagram a little while ago about how much I’m enjoying my days with her. Well, let me just soak her up for another month before real life (yuck, real life) begins again.

There’s not a lot to say about what a joy she is, because every time I post about Sofi it’s the same thing, the same thing. She’s still awesome, she’s still happy blah blah. But really, she can’t be 100% happy can she? No, no she can not. Because we’ve recently discovered that Sofi is only cuteness and sunshine when she gets her way. When she doesn’t, like if I take a toy away from her, phwoooaaaaar. This girl is fiesty! She screams. Literally! And a fierce, nasty GIVEMETHATFUCKINGTOYBACK scream. It’s a new thing she’s just started doing in the last week and to be honest it scared the bejeezus out of me the first time. Now I’m like oh ok, here she is again, fiesty little shit.

Just like her mama, really.


Sofi doesn’t do sad. She does super happy and fuck-off angry. I kind of love it in a way, because I don’t think I’ll need to worry about her in the playground. This girl will stand her ground and probably protect Sam too. But unfortunately for him, right now she’s using him to practice, so there’s generally a lot of screaming coming from her and a heap of crying from him. I gotta say, this current period I’m going through is harder than the last nine months combined. It’s kind of hard being peacemaker when the perpetrator doesn’t give a shit.


And she’s crawling. All over the place. And crawling over to Sam, and on top of Sam, and grabbing all of his toys. WW3 in our house all day errrrr day. I’ve considered putting her on a leash. Just kidding. Not really. Ok yes just kidding. But seriously, I can’t leave them alone for two minutes now. Usually you’ll find me sitting between the two of them being the Great Wall of Mum.

But with all that crawling and feisty, she’s still got no teeth! Which is odd to me as Sam teethed super early and had six teeth by now. But you know, Sofi probably doesn’t need teeth. She can gum her way through cow hide with all that sass she’s got goin’ on.


So that’s my peanut at nine months! I love her to bits, feisty-ness and all. Her happiness is just brilliant and nothing brightens my morning more than when I go get her out of bed and she’s soooooo happy to see me. May the next four weeks go s.l.o.w.l.y. Please. kthxbai.

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