crispy pork burger with asian slaw

crispy pork belly burger with Asian slaw

When I like something, I get a liiiiiittle bit obsessive about it. I mean, if you know me, you know all about me and matcha. It’s a miracle I’m not actually green. In more recent years, there’s been West Juliett’s chicken salad and of course, now there’s Flour Drum, whose food I splash across Instagram so frequently that I’ve been asked – on more than one occasion – whether they’re actually paying me.

Errr no, they’re not.

The affair started a few months ago when I spotted a slice of their blueberry cheesecake on someone else’s feed. Panu’s birthday was around the corner and he loves blueberry cheesecake so I got him a slice. A SLICE! Bah! It was so good that we invited a bunch of people over to our place just so we could order a WHOLE blueberry cheesecake. Isn’t that why you guys invite people over? To eat cake?

blueberry cheesecake

blueberry cheesecake (background: Anzac biscuits)

After the blueberry cheesecake binge, I started popping into Flour Drum a couple of times a week to slowly make my way through their awesome menu. Which is hand written on their walls in the most awesome of awesome ways.

Flour Drum menu

Here are just a few yummies that have happily made their way into my tummy:

karaage chicken burger

karaage chicken burger

shredded pancakes with strawberry compote

shredded pancake, strawberry compote, vanilla mascarpone, caramelised pistachios

corned beef hash with kale and poached egg

corned beef hash with kale and poached egg

chocolate cake

chocolate cake (the epitome of tall, dark and rich y’all)

candied peanut caramel slice

candied peanut caramel slice (oh lord. I LOVED THIS)

creme brulee lamington cake

crème brûlée lamington cake (also comes in jaffa flavour and tiramisu)

That thing I said about inviting people over just so I can buy a whole cake? Well, this here is the small size of the crème brûlée lamington cake. Yep.

whole creme brulee lamington cake

All that seems like a lot of food but not pictured are the triple chocolate cheesecake, ricotta cheesecake, apple & pear cake, rocky road and hazelnut cake. That hazelnut cake is another one that has my heart a-thumpin’ (or is that a tummy rumble) oh and right up the top of this post? The crispy pork belly burger with Asian slaw? OMG. MY FAVOURITE.

cake display

So aside from the food, what I love about Flour Drum is the ambience is fantastic – casual, rustic, quirky and incredibly baby / toddler friendly with lots of high chairs and a cute little back garden with a fish pond to amuse the restless little ones. The people are also fabulous and I promise you, with no special treatment whatsoever, I’ve met the three co-owners – Johnny, Chris and Victor – who are actually there, working the front and back, engaging with customers. This level of personal touch reflects a customer service ethos that I find is missing in a lot of other places. Or maybe I just like talking. And so when people talk to me, I’m happy 🙂

But really, who are we kidding? I do actually love their food the most.

Flour Drum
531 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
02 9565 2822


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  1. that chocolate cake is calling to me!

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