Considering we live in Sydney, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we hit the beach waaaaaay less often than I’d like. Well. To be clear, before kids I used to get to the beach at least once every weekend throughout summer. Because back then what did I need? A towel? And these days we need: swim wear, swim nappies, hats, sunscreen, snacks, beach tent – and this is all before we get into the real necessities of a beach day – the scooper, the shovel, the rake, the smaller scooper too, the dump truck, the excavator, the bucket, the other bucket. And God forbid I should forget the watering can.

Going to the beach is now kind of a big production and doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. So if we only get to the beach once this summer, it was the least Sofi and I could do to look ridiculously cute in our matching swimwear.

I can’t rave enough about Aurein Swim, a label created by Hong Kong mum of three, Angel Tsang. Swimwear is something a lot of women struggle to get back into after having children, and to be honest it has less to do with how we actually look in swimwear, and more to do with the dive in body confidence after having stretched and carried and birthed the little gremlins.

Aurein Swim gives mums post-baby body confidence with fluid lines, control panels to trim the waist and hip areas, and a variety of styles to address whatever body issues you’re battling with – from blousons to disguise your tummy area to flounces which give shape to your post-breastfeeding non-existent boobs – amiright, breastfeeding mums???

And the single best thing about Aurein Swim? Matching mummy and daughter swimwear! Because if there’s gonna be one person who looks cuter than you at the beach, it might as well be your baby girl 😉

[By the way, check out my mum uniform tan! No prizes for guessing what outfit
I live in every single day. My wardrobe pretty much  consists of two pairs of
denim shorts and about 500 singlets in various shades of grey.]

Sofi and I are wearing the Grace design, a blouson one-piece with detachable halter (for me). This design has a built-in shelf bra, but can also be worn throughout pregnancy with enough space in the tummy area to cater for a growing body.  I love this design because although I’m back to my pre-baby weight, there’s so much jelly that I can’t (and probably won’t ever be able to) shake from my midsection, and this style covers all that up while still looking stylish.

Some of my other favourites are the Diana two piece, the Brooklyn flounce (which is an awesome design if your kids have left you with less than a size A cup) and the Lauren with its tummy-hiding ruching.

Aurein Swim’s entire range is made from lightweight, quick-drying, breathable material and though I was gifted our suits from Aurein Swim, I would 100% go out and buy it for myself and Sofi. If the cuteness level of matching with your kid doesn’t get you, here’s more motivation:

  • US$5 from every sale is donated to the Changing Young Lives Foundation, a charity helping children from a local village in Hong Kong.
  • You can get 10% OFF with my code: Cat2017.

Anyway, so we finally got to the beach on the weekend and I packed all the toys Sam had demanded, and all the kids wanted to do was sit in the tent and eat their snacks. Food before everything… I guess they are my children after all 🙂

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