My peanut turned 18 months last week. And this one, this special brand of tough nut, took two needles for her immunisation and didn’t even flinch. It was literally like nothing happened at all. She was sitting on my lap facing away from me when she was injected, and there was silence. I thought it was one of those silent cries – you know the ones, where there’s a pained face but no sound but you know the longer the silence the louder the scream will be when it finally makes its way out of their voice box. After a few seconds, I looked at her and she was just sitting there like, what? Then we waved goodbye to the nurses and went about our day.

Fricking hardcore, this girl.

As I predicted in her 12 month old post, she’s really grown into a toddler with AT-TI-TUDE. She knows what she wants and she makes sure we all know it if she doesn’t get it. That hurl herself on the ground thumping / screaming / crying thing you think they made up for the movies? Oh hey, so real. At least for now, we’ve only dealt with it in our home (where she’s usually fighting with Sam because they both want the exact same piece of Lego of which we have a million. or something.) so I don’t have to hide in shame and pretend that vile creature isn’t my kid. We just watch and laugh and take a video or two.

But seriously, she’s pretty amazing. She’s smart beyond her age (well, we only have Sam to compare to so either she’s smart or he’s errrrr… yeah) and has a wicked sense of humour! Like when she farts and I accuse her, she knows to say “noooo, dadddddyyyy!” (because toilet humour transcends ages) LOL!

She understands everything we say to her, she remembers who gave her what (as in from a million presents, she knows who gave her which toy / shoe / outfit – it’s kind of crazy so just make sure you don’t give her the crappy present cos she’ll remember haha), and she talks. So many words for 18 months and it’s just the best having mini-conversations with her.

And she’s a ball of fun to hang out with. I still have one day a week when it’s just the two of us and I truly look forward to those days. She’s just so easy to hang out with. She’s happy from the moment she wakes up, she let’s me know when she’s tired, then she’s up and happy again, then she goes to bed. Oh, and a heap of eating in between because this one really takes after her mummy and can clean up a fried chicken wing like nothing else.

It’s been a blessed 18 months with this little face, and the time really has flown by. Before I know it she’ll be three and five and then fifteen. Stay little, my baby, and I hope to be able to cuddle you forever x

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