Simply Cushions Quorra range

So Panu has been bugging me forever to get a new couch. Mainly because the one we have is a cheap one we bought from Fantastic Furniture when we first moved back from London six years ago. It’s getting old and ratty, but we can’t get a new couch. Why? Because toddlers.

Have you seen a toddler eat? It’s probably my fault for letting them eat on the couch but really, how is it humanly possible to get crumbs / rice / smashed avocado behind the couch cushion when you’re just sitting there eating without even moving? It’s the kind of Houdini shit that only kids can pull off and this happens on our couch on a daily basis. So I’m not buying a new couch.

Instead we decided to revamp with some amazing new cushions and I have to say, I’m loving it!

Simply Cushions Quorra range

We got this groovy set from Simply Cushions, one of Australia’s largest online cushion retailers (with over 350 styles). They make choosing cushions easy by offering collections of matching cushions. They also have a huge range of individual scatter cushions but honestly, I’m so bad at mix ‘n matching that for me, it was easier to pick a set.

Simply Cushions Quorra range

I absolutely love this Quorra set, which adds so much colour to our dark couch. All of their cushion covers are 100% cotton linen, and the details like the zippers and workmanship, feel quality. Anyway, I’m super happy with our cushion selection and it’s bought us some time before Panu gets the urge to buy a new couch again!

Simply Cushions Quorra range

So if you’re stuck in a couch rut like us but can’t update just now, check out Simply Cushions. They do free delivery for orders over $80, 30 day easy returns, and they also sell cushion covers and inserts separately, which is handy if you already have inserts and just need new covers. Oh, and there’s a NZ store too!

Happy cushion shopping!

ps. Yes that’s a very big photo of Sofi.

pps. Yes we also have a huge Sam.

ppps. Someone recently asked me what colour my couch would be it weren’t an awesome shade of very dark grey. Well, it wouldn’t be a consistent shade of anything. It would be blotchy, probably mostly brown, maybe some green, with a lovely splotch of blue from that one time Sam shoved a blue M&M down the side of the couch and let it melt for all of eternity.

pppps. While I was gifted these cushions from Simply Cushions, I’m thrilled with the cushions as well as their personal service and would happily recommend to anyone.

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  1. These simple cushions are really very amazing. These can increase the attraction of sofa and the living area.

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