It’s been about six months since I started down this Yumbox rabbit hole. Am I getting better at it? That I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure – my stash of bento accessories is very quickly consuming precious real estate in my kitchen cupboard! And it’s ALL WORTH IT.

So it’s been six months and I’m still loving putting together these Yumbox snack boxes for Sam and Sofi. For one thing, they haven’t fought over snacks in six whole months! Is this the secret to world peace? Someone get some Yumboxes in front of world leaders. I think the new Kawaii pink would suit Donald to a tee.

The kids love their boxes, and nothing much beats seeing their little faces light up when they see what’s inside. Granted, often it’s very similar stuff because you know what, that’s what they like. I mean, my kids love red apple and if they can eat an apple each a day, that’s great, that’s what they’re getting!

I’ve found making these boxes highly therapeutic for me too. The cutting and boxing of snacks can become such a mundane repeat activity for mums. But having Yumboxes, there’s an unspoken challenge I’ve set myself to keep the boxes interesting and attractive and it genuinely makes me feel good when I’ve put the boxes together.

And despite what many people think, it honestly doesn’t take much longer than what I used to do. Sure it might take a couple more minutes to use food cutters, but I’m saving so much time (and my sanity!) by not having to wash 12 Sistema boxes every day!

One of the best peripheral benefits about this whole thing is becoming part of the snack box / lunch box / Yumbox community – a wonderful network of parents who strive to create beautiful, healthy food for their kids. I’ve made some new instagram-friends and seriously, what a cool way to connect with parents from around the world.

And for those of you who still roll your eyes about friendships forged on the internet? Get with the times people! This meme sums it up perfectly:

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