unicorn bark

What the actual F is unicorn bark? If you’re thinking it’s the sound unicorn makes, you’re on the wrong track. Because when unicorns open their mouths, they don’t bark, they spew forth a flurry of rainbow coloured sprinkles accompanied by angels playing harps. So anyway, what is unicorn bark? I too have asked myself this question many a times, and especially so when I was asked if I could make said unicorn bark for a special little person’s first birthday.

Adorable little Taylor turned one last week and we celebrated with a unicorn party over the weekend. Taylor’s talented mum doesn’t do parties by halves and it was a full blown unicorn-fest with  rainbow lollies, jellies, cupcakes, meringues and of course, a delightful unicorn cake! And no rainbow party is complete without fairy bread which was quickly whipped up by moi.

So, unicorn bark, as it turns out, is more like bark as in tree bark. Like, little shards of sprinkly stuff. I’ve included a recipe below but honestly, you can just melt some white choc and sprinkle anything remotely rainbow-related and call it a day.

Anyway it was such a great fun theme – I mean, who doesn’t feel happy when they see rainbows and unicorns? Happy birthday, Taylor!

Unicorn bark
400g white chocolate
Rainbow sour strips
Rainbow candy
Rainbow sprinkles
Anything else rainbow you can think of
A couple of drops of food colouring
  1. Line a flat tray / plate with baking paper, set aside.
  2. Break the white chocolate in a large bowl and place over a boiling pot of water. Stir until completely melted.
  3. Once the white chocolate is completely melted, pour it onto the prepared tray and using a spatula, spread it out into a thin (3mm) layer.
  4. Lay pieces of rainbow sour strips across the white chocolate, and sprinkle rainbow candy and rainbow sprinkles. Drip single drops of food colouring on the white chocolate and using the pointy end of a skewer, drag through to make swirls.
  5. Place in the fridge to set for a minimum of three hours, preferably overnight.
  6. Once set, break the white chocolate by hand to make barks. Where it breaks across a rainbow strip, use a sharp knife to cut through.
Perfect for parties!

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  1. awesome post! thanks for sharing

  2. Nice post! Geat colors, delicious cake! Yum

  3. Oh Wow! I love the colors! This is something both delicious and fun to make! Thanks for sharing the yummy cake recipe! The kids will surely love this! I love the star idea!

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