Gooooood Monday everyone! Right now I’m in my office, the air conditioning switched on to a very consistent 21 degrees Celsius. I’m staring outside at the traffic below and the ant-like folk of London weaving, dashing to get to… somewhere. Everything is a bleak shade of grey, a reflection of the thick clouds in the sky above but hey, who am I to complain? At least I have a window seat.

But alas, this time last week my seat was perched IN THE EGYPTIAN RED SEA. I had somehow become a finalist in Qype’s competition and won myself a short break to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. It’s totally and utterly insane, I’ve never ever dreamed of winning anything this amazing and up until my feet stepped into the warm ocean and met with the delightfully friendly fish who quite literally swim right up and nibble on your toes, I didn’t believe it was real.

But it was real. And what’s more crazy real? Being a finalist in this competition, I now have the chance to win a HUGE beach holiday to the value of £2000! Now that would be insane!

I’m still yet to write up my Egyptian holiday but I need votes, guys. Votes votes votes. So if you’ve just dropped by my blog and you like it, or hey even if you don’t, please help a sister out and vote for me here. You don’t need to register, you don’t need to give your email, it’s literally clicking one red button and voilà, one more very much appreciated vote comes my way! It’s easy!

ps. Voting closes on the 5th of September which by the way is MY BIRTHDAY so omg, imagine what an awesome present this would be!

pps. If you’ve voted for me, THANK YOU A THOUSAND THANK YOUS. I appreciate it more than you can imagine!

ppps. In case you missed it, check out my little video of “getting ready for Egypt” here 🙂

11 Thoughts on “dearest readers, I need your help to vote!

  1. I’ve voted! And oh imagine if you did win it for your birthday! That would be a great present!

  2. Ok. there you go. I voted for ya. no need to thank me 🙂

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  4. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you lovely! xx

  5. I voted 😀

  6. Thanks MUCHLY you guys! xx

  7. Yep ive voted for you, good luck

  8. Voted and stumbled. =)

  9. Thanks guys! 🙂

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